I would like if the admin would create a forum on housing whereby villagers can be giving info on good places to buy and rent houses especially in Nairobi. For those who have hired agents to search for a place for you to live in will understand the need for this forum. You will pay this guy’s and probably won’t get the house you hoped to get. But if this forum is created it will be very informative.

Kuna number 0722… iko na poster mingi hio usijaribu kupiga utaconiwa

Admin kucreate a land and housing forum tujengane

Kenyatalk contributing to one of the “big four”

NV mchango iko on point but mbirionneas wa ktalk all own prime property in runda

I agree, huko business mambo ya mburoti, pigsty na offplan ni mingi. Maybe have construction and real estate as a sub category in business or its own category. It’ll help those who are new to home ownership, ideas can be shared more freely and pitfalls can be avoided for all of us here.

Some guy called Mwai who specializes South B ,C Langata areas ?