Housing Fund/ Levy/ Tax/ Chama/ pyramid scheme- There is more than meets the eye

The way this housing fund is being shoved our throats kama Malariaquin, iko jambo.


It’s a shit show all the way to 20207

Wadau treasury yetu iko broke. Arror hana pesa. Mtu wake wa Central Bank amesema anakujia zile dollars za wakenya zenye wameweka kwa bank, next itakuwa uchumi kuanguka.

Kila mtu ajipange kivyake


Hii ni scam live live. The numbers dont make sense at all. And the way its being forced on us. Anyways choices have consequences

Anus licker, fanya kazi lick anus

Pesa mfukoni.


After removing subsidies and stabilizing the economy market forces demand tax.

What’s motivating this Mr. Panyako to rat out his former associates?

Dainastii mbaya.
Hasla tawara.



JSKS yuko apa tu:D

Bonobo nuguest. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

That would be too obvious. The amount of dollars people hold would only make a dent to the overall bills that need immediate attention. Na ukinyanganya multinationals ma dollar, you will stall operations. Workers will be sent to the streets.

The only option is to skip debt payments. And then start missing salaries. That will be the new norm for Kenya. You get paid 3 months for every 6 you work. Izo zingine balance ni 2030.