Housing Fund (Federal Republic of Kenya)

Everyone is focused on whether the housing Fund is a tax or not that nobody is discussing the fact that we will essentially be giving public land to private investors (Ruto and his cronies) for free. Alafu the second class of cronies (the two tribes) will get to win the tenders to run the construction. This is so wrong. And voting doesn’t matter because the hordes of sub 100 IQ retards in rural areas vote based on who the patron of the party is - which justifies what Ian Smith said way back then about the danger of giving NIGGERS universal suffrage.

Big infrastructure projects are what third worlders have been using to syphon public funds since the 2010s. Look at Egypt, for example, who are building a giga city in the Desert because they are too lazy to modernize Cairo.

What are you trying to say? There’s nothing unique about “niggers” everyone votes in psychopaths, they know how to win elections. It’s just that the other psychopaths were smart enough to economically exploit outside their regions to make their regions what they are now.

ulishindwa na kupigia feminism debe mambo ya governance utayaweza kibibi wewe?

You are a baboon.

  1. the housing fund is a tax

  2. hata ukimtetea, feminazi hatakupatia pongi ogongeshe :D:D

  3. mbwa wewe

Bullshit. Accountability is a thing in Western Europe. Show me a crook like Sonko in the UK Parliament. Huku it was said that it’s okay to do business even if you’re in public service

riiiiiiiiight :D:D

Bro the mafia run countries like Italy. Let’s just say the crook’s in Europe are refined unlike Sonko. They are well spoken and sit on trust fund wealth brought down from several generations