Househelp charged with defiling 12-year-old boy for six months

A househelp was on Wednesday charged with defiling a 12-year-old boy for over six months.

The court heard that Sabina Mwikali Muasya allegedly committed an indecent act with the child by touching his penis on diverse dates between January 1 and July 31, 2020 at Kileleshwa Mosata Gardens.

According to the charge sheet seen by Citizen Digital, Sabina also allegedly unlawfully and intentionally caused penetration of the minor’s penis into her vagina.

The suspect further faced an additional charge of compelling a 5-year-old child to suck the penis of his sibling aged 12-years-old.

Magistrate Jane Kamau ordered that a pre-bail report be produced in court.

Sabina pleaded not guilty to the offences, she remains in police custody.
Sabina Mwikali

Mkambodia wanapenda miti

Huyu anataka ile punishment ya kama yule mwingine wa Uganda. Kwenda kotini is a waste of time

Hii hautona @TrumanCapote akiongelea :smiley:

Huyo mkambodia angeoba jamaa za boda zikamue yeye. Inakaa mwajiri alikuwa amemfungia sana such that she had no opportunities to get dicked down. So she got desperate.

It could also be a case of a bitter woman who wants to ruin a young girls life because she’s jealous of her perky tits na zake zimeanguka.

@TrumanCapote see how evil women have become

Sijaona young girl kwa hii storo. Stop projecting your pedophilia thoughts.

Hawawezi fikia men mon cherie. Men are still in the big leagues in these matters.

Father and son gang rape a child

Am not a pedophile. Am just saying that’s why we have court process. Kama ni mama full It’s even harder to believe.

The mother should be having live transmission CCTV that she can monitor. My friends with kids review CCTV footage from their homes on daily basis. It would not have gone this far.