Housegirl mauled to death by employer’s dog


A 39-year-old woman lost her life early Monday morning, after she was attacked by her employer’s dog in Moriema’s area of Malindi town.

According to police report, Roselyn Nafuna was going about her house chores when she was brutally attacked by the dog.

She had opened the door leading to the porch, the dog, a South African Boerboel famed for its well developed muscles and a strong bone structure pounced on her.

“A night guard at the home identified as John Siria, reported hearing the woman’s distress screams as she was being mauled by the beast,” the police said.

I always cringe when I see videos of these big dogs and toddlers in the same house. Wazungu wana hii tabia sana.

those dogs were bred to attack and kill negros. They hate negro smell

What a gruesome way to exit this earth.

That’s a big boy in there.

Niko kwa groups za dog owners huko kwa Zukabaga.

I raised concerns about pit bulls baby sitting their kids and they bit my head off. Mara ati “the dog is harmless” wengine wanasema ati their dog inapenda mchezo coz it thinks it’s still a puppy.

They have dogs with mouths capable of fitting a child’s head inside. If it snaps for just three seconds, it’s over for the baby.

A dog is not really a natural killer. So it doesn’t go for your jugular like a leopard or lion. It just grabs anything. So the girl must have really fought for a long time. Poor girl. May she RIP.

wochman kama ana guard compound na hio dogi should have been able to call it off, si kutupigia hekaya

Meffi comment from a brainless talker

Damn dog.

I saw someone walking that dog on the road, it is the size of a small cow. It didn’t even have a mouth guard and the leash was not a chain. Nikashindwa ikianza kukimbiza mtoto atafanya nini. Personally I don’t like dogs, they are just too unpredictable.

Pitbulls ni doggy sura mbaya sana…kama Kuna mbwa naogopa ni hizo. Heri fisi…naweza jaribu kurusha mateke na mangumi na makungfu kiasi :D:D

And am told they are very friendly and intelligent…
(Naonanga hio ndio joke of the year) Wacha nikue muoga. Siwezi karibia.

I saw a hyena on langata road, let me tell you that thing is HUGE as fck! And it’s bite crushes bone, ikiuma mkono inaenda na mkono.

I really love dogs. However, they are animals and therefore you have to be extremely careful with them and make sure that they are handled as such…

I’ll never keep a dog in the house, especially a big dog . they are a ticking time bomb with kids around

I agree with you… In fact the small dogs kept inside the house are much safer… they are better alarm systems for you… all you need to hear is the dog barking and you know “kumekujwo”! and you raise the alarm before they break into your house

Man,cows and donkeys kill too with no remorse,it was just an unfortunate event r.i.p to the dead.
Swesmind kuweka this satan’s incarnate as a pet

There was a video juzi hapa kwa kijiji about a south african thief being mauled to death by a dog. The was a case some time back of some dogs in nyeri that escaped the owner’s compound and went into the neighbouring home and mauled the kid to death. Beware of these beasts.

Mimi nilionea hyena hapo animal orphanage. Niliona ni kitu naweza pambana nayo tukipatana kwa njia bora nimebeba kisu ama [SIZE=1]Biro pen :D:D[/SIZE]