House Under The Hill In Nashtarood, Iran

Architecture firm mrk office/ Mohammad Reza Kohzadi designed a project called House Under The Hill in Nashtarood, Iran. mrk office: In this project, due to the special position of the site in terms of topography and surrounding landscape, it has been tried not to place the building as an added object on the ground, but to be able to establish a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment inside the ground.

For some reason that I will investigate later ,Iranians make very good architects

All Arabs.

Iranians are not Arabs and they’d be offended if they heard you calling them so.
Degree muhimu sana.

Huyo gari amatokaga hapo aje? Ama ni juu ya nyasi

Good observation, but hii ni render

Kazi safi.

Bill Gates house is like this… though not on a hill …