House under construction comes tumbling down

A storeyed building under construction has collapsed near Trinity Court in Utawala…

Hapa ndio mustafa alikua anafanya mjei?

It’s behind Mihango secondary school

Ghaseer hii

:D:D:D:D Nini tena imekukasirisha, noogle.

(6 floors + foundation) x 5m each = 35m imekunywa maji. Na bank wanataka pesa yao hawataki kuskia story mingi ati ciathire ciaikurukire.


Huyu saa hii ako under suicide watch kama si bp itamumaliza.



If only he spent 1m on services of the relevant professionals…

That Contractor fellow must have graduated from the same institution as Riggy Gee … :D:D

I am on record stating that Africans have a warped sense of cause and effect. Civil servants tasked with policing such matters are in bed with the investors only for everyone to act surprised that nyumba imeanguka. Expect an official from NCA and county govt to issue an official statement.

Contractors wako sawa… Ni foreman ali funga chuma nyepesi… Coz the same system works with a 2 floor building…

Mtu hu hara… Mpaka una kufa… He just needs alcohol to thin his blood for 1 months straight…

Ama akimbie india achukuwe ile death certificate from a reputable hospital… And claim life insurance…

I had worked for mofo like do a structural design ukimpea client hataki kutoa pesa ya you just sign a design only contract.kinuthia ana interpret ujue site visit haiezi pita 20k a week.bure kabisa kwanza wakikuyu na woriahe are the worst

Noma sana. Ongeza cases ata deal nazo for the next few years, this person if they aren’t in a good eating post somewhere, wamekwisha

Site visit ya engineer is around 3-5k if u nego well. And they are many at the beginning when doing foundation and each time ukiweka slab. Slab ndio mama yao, you spend almost 2M kwa chuma pekee na labour ya kufunga banae.

That building represents a snapshot of the current state of affairs in Kenya today.

Ata haina holding banae, hapa mtu wa NCA na kanjo hio area is in shit.