House speaker's mpango releases wife's nudes.

PJ Washington is now forced to pay $200k/month in child support over the next 18 years. Ex-wife secretly filed for divorce 2 weeks after giving birth to child.


Weka full back story some of us are lazy… cant go scouring the intweb for scoop.

Background gani Sasa ?

Like who he is and why we should give a ratsazz.

He’s a professional athlete, who’s wife secretly filled for divorce, and know she has to pay $2.4 million dollars.
Lesson learned, kuna mapenzi, na kunakutumiwa vibaya.

he’s fucked for life $43.2M…akimwaga hatukua na yeye:D:D

Hehe… women are good at this game… its like they have a 6th sense for it.

Maryweather mercenaries waanze works

malaya ako na tatoo,cunt relate

He’s fucked for life. Simp nigger

Most black athletes, who come from extreme poverty in US standards, are surprisingly naive when it comes to marriage and finances. You would think by now these people would have caught on that girls are only interested un their nut and child for upkeep and manipulative cash demands. There’s absolutely no reason why this should not be common knowledge among them by now. Is the use of condoms not common knowledge in the US. No wonder most of them by the time they die, they’re back to near poverty.

weuh :smiley:
negroe will earn $4.2 m before taxes then kunguru achukue $2.4m:D
jamaa anabaki na change ya less than $1m

hata kama una penda ku clickbait villagers… $200k a month kwani yeye ni Jeff Bezos. hata $200k a year ni too much

Wacha akamuliwe