House Rats and Mice control best solution!!!!!! Chiefguest kuja hapa

@Chiefguest did you ever fix your mice and rats problem that were making merry in your ceiling? I got a solution for you boy.

Mean hungry cat does the trick.

Snakes are a very important species for our survival. Watu wajifunze ku heshimu nyoka.

Wakanyo hapana its either i killed it or i ran.

I suggest you ran.

These are not real rats. Ni kama zile za naswa

Lakini nikiona kwa kwanza lazima nitwange kichwa idedi.

Bila nyoka …rats and mice will overrun all your fields within a very short time. Let nature do its thing.

Same way with Australia after the bush fire. Panya ziliongezeka.

I eliminated them using a very simple trick. I flooded my ceiling with mothballs and Incense powder. I researched and found rats hate strong smell hence the choice for mothballs and incense powder. I was throwing two packets of mothballs up a day then next day incense powder… Did this for a week and they all left.

@ChifuMbitika = @Chiefguest umeamua leo ni bats and rats eh

We aren’t the same person

Haaai wee hizo majina na same topic?


Nyumba yako inanuka aje as of today?

That must be one putrid ceiling.

Buy pure ricin alafu uwekee kwa bait.
If you find pure ricin, handle reealy carefully.

uitoa wapi? alafu ceiling inanuka?

wacha ikae… tupee ingine

Hii video si ni fake kabisa.

The snake enters and is received on the other side by actor 2.

Actor 2 than starts passing the clearly domesticated and very docile rats through the hole. And finally he passes the snake through the hole. And idiots give the video millions of likes.

No. Just know how mothballs smell then dilute with incense