Well , I know there are those who like house music genre
Sample this beat I was trying to make. Am not a producer or an artist . . But I like trying things out . . Was this worth my precious hour ? ?


mbona haichezi?

finally played. iko sawa. Unda full track sasa

He ain playing on mine plus its 0.99mb hebu weka kwa dl site ingine this ain working for me.

didnt work for me with VLC. with windows media player it played fine. Kinda strange

WAAAT windows media player sijawahi hata install cuz ya ujinga wake yakujiweka app ya audio file kadhaa …wacha wasnt even playing on vlc I use mediamonkey and if it cant play. Hii codec yake inashida

File extension was. ogg
Changed to.aac…then to mp3 guess it’s the reason behind incompatibility with most players

should have left it ass ogg or .aac

on sound cloud it plays fine… @screwplus you can upload to your soundcloud acc then try listening to it

Guess I should have . ^^^

send me the ogg I try and edit it on auditions to convert it to mp3

Sounds more like trance than house lakini I like. What media are you using?

Point moja is, have a good progression. For example, intro should have been a bit longer, like 8 bars. Hiyo ndio utamu wa electronic music…kukuja mosmos then you drop beat.

I think hii iko sawa cc @screwplus

Nimeskiza, and it’s great


Pleases finish this …its bumping

Uc browser nakataa ku download.

Hiko sawa kathurima, umetumia beatsmaker/software gani

iko sawa buda

I was not disappointed …keep at it