Hotel Workers

I talked to a girl I met through Tinder a few years ago… The chic works in one of the 5 star hotels in Nairobi. She told me that it is a rule there that if a guest requests for her coochie, she has to give him (of course at a fee).

How true is this ama ni hekaya tu?

Ata ukienda highlands hotel…ama wacha tu

Sijakuelewa Bro…

Mwania ule muongo


Have you been to any highlands hotel?

Hao wa highlands wanavaa mini banae

Aah nilijua lazima ukuwe regular hapo. Hawakaangi

No… Hata sijui iko wapi

Muongo aje? I am just sharing what I was told… I do not know if that is true…

can we first kindly revisit the part where you actually believed that she works at a five star hotel?

I have seen here there even after we met…

And you think we know? Coz we work in 5 star hotels? Kai ùgùrùkaga?

II ningurukaga… Next…

I used to envy these high end hotel waitresses until I saw some chics bank statements… Low season 18,000- 21,000 high 24,000- 29000 .Waitress third year Sarova Panafric.

They are earning more than 50% of the working population.

hao wako sawa kabisa

Gosh… 21k??

yes, if you have never worked for less than that then hujui haya mambo

as long as its for a fee, there are women willing to give coochie from hotels, churches or even mosques. she is a just a hooker presently workinh in a hotel, tomoro she will be working ina bank and will dish cookie too.