Hotbird 13B/C/C RECEPTION.

Is hotbird 13 satellite receivable in kitale with a 90 cm off set dish? If receivable any movie and international news channels? Am currently locked on eutelsat 8.0w/7w/ nilesat position.

Have you ever heard of satellite footprint ? visit and input your location to see the satellites receiveable and the dish size required.

What channels can be watched on freesat v8 in Kenya apart from the local channels

thanks. I have read the article but then I realized that using nilesat is receivable even with 90cm dish but it is not listed

There are local satellites ie those with coverage over us eg Ses5(zuku,startimes),Eutelsat 7(Azam,Kwese), Eutelsat 36 for Dstv, then there’s fringe satellites eg Nilesat, Intelsat 20,Measat ,Hotbird etc. For “local” satellites you can use the minimum dish of 60cm and above as the beam has good coverage whereas for fringe satellites you need a slightly bigger dish to a big ugly dish ie 90cm to 700cm

Thank you giggz