Hot Twins

This is a tough Question :

Hot Identical Twins
If YOU had to choose only ONE
LEFT … or … RIGHT … ???


None. they’re both ugly.

Come on man. That’s our identity as Africans. Chocolate black. Being black ain’t ugly!!!review your statement

Hey Bro ,
I feel your anger on that misguided remark …
But … Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder …

Maybe … instead of being such a critic , he can post up his Idea of what is Beautiful to him …
Unless , If , like many in here , he is just a noisy windbag that you Ignore … :smiley:

kukula twins nikama kuwenda kwa butchery uchomewe kilo mbili za the same meat , mm nataka variety even if it’s the uglier sister ama mama yao !

those ghels are beautiful and shapely… wewe kwani unakulanga scandinavian ikus

@rexxsimba umeniangusha. Looks like 2 gaaasay men

I would rather have this over Scandinavian puccie. Kuna vile dark skinned unimaliza.

they both ugly man, stop burying head out of the sand, the fact that they’re Africans doesn’t make them fuckeable.

They look good face-wise. But angetuwekea full body then we decide

A Mature , Level headed and Balanced Opinion unlike the foregoing Juvenile drivel … :D:D
Thanks for that …

When you mix: African and fuckeable on the same line means you sexualize everything and looses the main meaning of beauty itself. Being beautiful doesn’t mean fuckeable . Get that Boy!!!

You put that very clearly to him in a manner he will definately comprehend …

Weka full photo tudecide. We are team hide the face fire the base not vice versa

hehehe ghey wewe

Whether you choose to put fuckeable or ignore it doesn’t make the first part of the sentence less true.

They’re still ugly. Whether fuckeable or not entirely depends on your taste.
You pity them n give them extra null points just because they are your fellow African. If they were Indian? Still ugly. Chineese? Still ugly.
bottom line those twins are ugly.

Below average faces

@ dogmaster :

Okay , here is your chance …
Show us what Beautiful is … :smiley: