Hot Skills

Hot Skills …
This Lady knows Her Stuff … :D:D

Ni shosho.

Nevertheless …

I am curious about the science …
How she made that Wine Bubble up like that …??? :D:D

huyu nyanya uki mwaga anakuambia yes baba baaaas :D:D:D:D

No surprise. Tatooed women are whores

Highly skilled Shosho.

Iyo bia inachemka tu

:D:D:D huyu anaweza andika thesis ya ngono.

did she just make a bottle cum?

hizo thighs zake mimi nakula chief

Rex Ghaseer :D:D:D

@ DIGI :

Seriously , Boss …
How many Ladies do ypu know who cam make a Bottle of Wine Cum …??? :D:D

Kîhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilisi

She has skills za miaka mingi. If this one works on you nakwambia you will have a story to tell.

uncle ni champagne… ukishake kama coke kanapanda

I risked it all when I was a diplomat in the DRC pale Gombe and received the best slices of my life from a sec at the kenya embassy.Warm thick Pussay.

just a little of shaking makes it froth. it’s not wine, its champagne made to just do that. Ile unaona ikisukasukwa tu kidogo then popped out na safari rally drivers when they are celebrating.

Leta hekaya omwami…