Hot girls

Why are beautiful hot girls always lazy in bed?kimtu kanalala tu fofofo kama Mende halafu hawezi enda more than one/two shots
Leteni hekaya

Unajaza server na upus

Wewe leta hekaya

You are an elder yet you have no idea how to elicit responses from this village about matters to do with flesh. This is how to go about it: post detailed hekayas about how your billionaire status has enabled you to meet beautiful hot girls, how much money you spent on them, where the matches were and how you blocked their numbers after increasing their mileage in light years. Dont forget to include how they have been crying for you to take them back. Lastly, include a random mbica from a random flesh site.


Nimerush kuona Hot Girls and behold just an upuss paragraph.

Umafwi thread



  1. I expected you to bring a sample of many after introducing us in rural.
  2. It’s your responsibility to handle the woman and get her into the mood. kama ni Malaya lips pesa mzuri, kama ni girlfriend, maneno mzuri mpaka she cant wait for you to smash it. Sounds like you just bagged one of these beautiful estate lasses who are very broke at the moment due to lockdown, and you negotiated too much.
  3. Thank yourself/gods for eating the sponsors’ meal. quarantine will be over and you miss those fine asses