Hot Drama

Wueeehhh …!!!
[SIZE=5]Juvenile Manenos …
This will NOT end well …[/SIZE] :D:D:D



Staged stuff. Clearly. The first few comments explain it all.

@uwesmake raped a school kid , @uwesmake impregnated a Minor , @uwesmake engaged in coitus with an underage girl, filthy @uwesmake slept with a form three juvenile.
@uwesmake must be arrested and prosecuted.
I appeal to the government, @uwesmake is a great danger to young kids and their fathers alike . @uwesmake belongs to jail . I will personally make sure @uwesmake is jailed[ATTACH=full]500537[/ATTACH]

This is a typical Juvenile response to a very common occurrence …

A seasoned Elder would have given instant solutions and relief to the problem…:D:D