Hot chic

There’s a hot chic I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime but I never really bothered approaching her. I figured I’d get rejected. She’s a colleague.

Leo I happened to meet her (not intentionally) and we decided to get coffee. It wasn’t planned, and my attention was on other urgent matters. I didn’t really care about impressing her. I was kinda stressed, and I just demanded that she foot the bill. She agreed.

I’d rank her an 8, maybe a 7.5.

She’s got a beautiful face. Superb body. And she’s charming.

We had a long conversation kwa restaurant. Early on she wanted to know my age. I told her to guess.

Then she quickly told me she’s got a kid, while carefully watching my reaction. I said nothing. But at that moment I knew she’d never be anything more than a casual sex partner to me. Especially when she made a reference to her “baby daddy.”

At some point she grabbed my phone and typed in her full names. She asked about my ethnicity. I told her to guess.

I’m not gonna lie, I found the chic charming. However, an hour ago I just opened my whatsApp and found she’d posted pictures of a toddler on her status, with the caption “my world.” The kid looks very well-fed and had a brooding expression on his face.

Verdict: I don’t care, I’m kinda stressed over some other matters.


Kama ni work colleague just be friends

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Different departments.

We work in different departments

Disappear Homer Simpson GIF

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‘Referenced her baby daddy’

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I have no right to advise you because I am an offender in this matter, I wish @Finest_wine can say a word. I hope you will take it seriously, but I am also skeptical that you will.

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