"Hot air" Season 2 - RAO will now bring VAR effidense...

[SIZE=7]Raila: I will soon drop political bombshell[/SIZE]

“I will talk to you in the coming days, there are good things we will bring to you. When the time comes, we will tell you… The time has not come but it will come,” he said. The leader was addressing the mourners in Dholuo.

He reiterated that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had interfered with the August 9, general elections.

He used football lingo by referring to Diego Maradona where the referee did not see the goal, but it was added.

“We will bring VR (Virtual Reality) in the near future.”


babuon ni doggie banae

pea nabii nafasi adunge werã
jaluon mbwa ii

msito @hakimoto alikubali

Hakutuambia poa, ati wild goose chase

ndugu niaJe
jaluo janja jeuri
nitumie punch

Uchumi ni mbaya saidi

RAO really knows how to excite his jaluo followers.

Wuacha hii propaganda and upus that only luos support baba. 6.9 million Kenyans voted for baba. Surely 49% of kenyans are not all luo. The 1m plus kikuyus who voted for baba are not luo.

Baba alikua India. Seems like putler handlers finally penetrated smatmatic. Wacha tungoje

Raila is beyond his sell by date

@kush yule mnono and @Electronics4u are waiting with bated breath to hear what jakom says

Not really … tunangoja deputy jesus atimize ahadi zile alipatia mahasoras

Old senile kîhîî is full of hot air as usual since 1982