Horticulture earnings hit Sh104bn in eight months

Horticulture earnings hit Sh104bn in eight months

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2018 19:27


Horticulture export earnings rose by a third to hit Sh104 billion in the first eight months of 2018 compared to Sh78.2 billion earned during a similar period last year. Much of the growth was led by a rise in flower exports, whose earnings are forecast to grow further after Kenya Airways late last month began direct flights to New York. Latest data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics shows that flower exports brought in Sh76.9 billion from sales of 105.3 million metric tonnes in the period, a 38 percent rise from the Sh55.6 billion earned up to August 2017.

Vegetables earnings rose by 9.6 percent to Sh16.9 billion, from 50,000 tonnes sold in the period. In a similar period last year, vegetable exporters earned Sh8.7 billion from 57,000 tonnes sold. The country also earned Sh10.1 billion from 61,500 tonnes of fruit exports, with this category recording the highest rate of growth at 41 percent compared to the Sh7.2 billion earned in the eight months to August 2017.

The exports have been boosted by the improved rains this year, after they were affected negatively in 2017 by drought and reduced economic activity due to political tension. Kenya Flower Council chief executive Clement Tulezi said they project even better numbers going forward, especially due to the opening up on new markets in the Americas, although he warned of risks due to higher input costs.

“Direct flights from Nairobi to New York portend good tidings for the flower sector that has several firms signing trade deals with US-based retail chains,” said Mr Tulezi.

“While past sales are good, we do risk losing our competitive edge due to fertiliser delays at the port of Mombasa, as well as costs incurred for clearance and re-inspection that farmers will have to pass on to retail buyers.”

Kenya is the third largest flower exporter globally, with a 25 per cent share of the European Union market ahead of Israel and Colombia at 16 percent each.

Explains Ms Omollo’s bulging bank accounts.

This is very true… Know guys who are minting real cash from exporting French beans

I have met someone who confessed making a killing exporting French beans. A young farmer from Nyeri who was once a soldier but he resigned after a few trips to Somalia. The guy bought an apartment in Westlands, in cash.

@spear this is nothing to write about…we should be doing close to $1bn

This nigga @Big G cant count !

:D:D:D You really need a refund for your upper primary, secondary and probably university education. $1 bn = Ksh 100 B give or take

Take a chill pill dude, I am using my phone and for some reason the post was un editable…super chieth

Sawa, go and plant the damned things and come back here after 3 months and give us your own story of how much you will have made.

Clearly your maths teacher is embarrassed.

101 Kshs - $1

Kshs 104 billion - $1.04 billion.

what works for others might not work for you…but i beleive hii french beans ukiingia and you have export connections you will get rich very quick…keyword is export connections

Remind me again, how many graduates with very good papers but can’t get a decent job coz of lack of connections?

God makes for others very difficult and others supereasy…

True. Anyone can farm French Beans, but they lack connections.

If we got things down correctly in Agriculture we can probably hit 500BN or more.

Like turning our arid areas to grow cash crops like peanuts these could easily bring in a lot of cash since they have so many uses.

30%-50% of farm produce of is lost in post harvest. That alone shows how much more we can get if we reduce that alone. Export of fresh farm produce is all about certification, inspection and passing lab tests. It takes a few years of learning, practicing and experience to get in. In fact Kenya has done so well in certification thanks to Kephis and stakeholders that our rating is above eu standards. Thats why they can’t even ban our produce if they want to. China has provided Kshs 4.5 billion grant to fresh produce exporters in Kenya to help them meet all their certification to export there as well.

The main problem with exportation of vegetables we have is maintaining supply throughout the year… and the contract is so huge Hata unashangaa hizi vitu utamaintain aje

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