Horse riding safaris in Masai Mara

Would you attempt? Is it even legal? How do you cross the mara river on a horse with crocodiles and hippos waiting for you? What is the effect of this kind of tourism on the wildlife?,211,1590,899&hash=40E82BF0299FFCE62967C4182DD31C494F3CAFBC

Should be banned.

It makes the whites feel like it’s the 1800s again and Africa is a wild new frontier to be explored on horseback.

It’s better than using land rovers.

It’s lots of fun riding in the wild, but getting in the river on a horse is dangerous. I wouldn’t do it

Is this in Kenya?Then it is ‘Happy valley hangovers’

i would love to try.i also think its much better than using choppers to control the animals like thy always some of those photos look like its in a private conservancy

It’s all fun until lions or hyenas start hunting the horses …and riders. Or the crocodile or hippo gets the horse plus you at the river crossing.

Horses are eco-friendlier compared to vehicles but the issue of safety is a concern.

Walami are daring fückers :smiley:

Interfering with the wildlife,kwani kwao hakuna game parks,soon you’ll hear Maasai Mara is owned by them jungus

Most hotels over there are owned by them and the pajjis.

Generally, In this kind of wildlife / tourism matters, nyeuthis have no say or involvement. So it doesn’t matter what some nyeuthis may think about horses in the mara


Mzungu mmoja akitafunwa na simba, ile lawsuit hiyo conservancy itagongwa nayo, wataregret sana huu upus.

Wacha wivu

It’s just a matter of time before a mzungu is killed by a hippopotamus.

Wacha tukule doo ya tourism

The Mara is nothing compared to Horse Riding in a the Chyulu Hills. Almost an untouched environment and you feel like you’re a cowboy.

Very true. I remember reading kwa magazeti that Castle Lodge in Mt Kenya forest was ordered by courts to pay Ksh 32m to the family of a tourist who was trampled and killed by an elephant during a guided walking tour around the lodge. Those people in the mara may have to pay over 100m when a tourist is taken by a crocodile, the wildebeest style, while riding across the mara river.

Labda crocodiles lakini simba zinaogopa the Masai’s tour guides

This is Westworld in reality…or are we in a simulation?