Horrifying video from Alshabaab attack on Uganda military base

I just ask myself why do we engage in wars that do not necessarily affects us or require our involvement. Why not defend your borders?
Why fight for a country whose citizens (Somalis) are not interested in fighting for it and some of them have immigrated to neighboring countries bought citizenship or taken refugee status. Losing your own citizens for unnecessary war


Such events are good from a military standpoint. They harden those soldiers. Kutoka hapo hawatatmbua hearts and minds. Even a Somali toddler will look like an enemy. Watakuwa wanafyeka adui yiiiiiiote.

alshabaab wameiba viatu vyote

May they RIP. But a modern military shouldn’t be overrun by a few militia. Poor planning, probably locals gave alshabbab logistics of inside operations.

If you read past military expeditions, this is true

How? Na wengi hapo hutoka na PSTD never to be sane human being again

Says the keyboard warrior

But the soldiers are all dead. Or they will be fighting hao watu in heaven?


Maybe. Who knows?

kazi ni kucheza PS na kunyamba. jinga hii

No way naweza join active duty military. Siwezi enda vita niko na chance ya kufa. Nikufe om behalf of Mpigs stealing our resources? Napenda life yangu

Hakuna kitu a chokosh herdsboy anaeza niambia. Huko punkoma najua ukichungia watu ng’ombe unalipwa 50 bob yako safi unaenda straight kwa mama pima.

A relative won a green card and joined the US military. His first assignment was Afghanistan to fight the taliban. So be careful on the career you choose.


nita zidi kusema hao D- wote watoke kwa wenyewe kazi ni kuuza makaa na kunyanyasa raia kwa kuwa nyang’anya mifugo na ubakaji.
ndio maana ata wenyeji wana wasaliti maumbwa wao.

TOJ:D a good D- is only a dead one

Mistakes happen, happened to our very own, train hard; fight easy. On that fateful dawn things were thick. I wouldn’t call them unprofessional but laxity in intelligence gathering or low urgency in reacting to intel might have caused this due to routine fatigue/several false positives. That’s why KDF consistently does troop rotations ever since with more keeness.

Kuna national reserve who are rarely deployed. If i really had to join military labda yenye niko kwa kambi si battle field

Ni akili hauna ama ni nini ?

The military as an institution will investigate what went wrong such that even if all the soldiers who were stationed there are dead or injured, the next bunch of troops will incorporate lessons learnt and will be better prepared.

Degree muhimu sana.

I saw another video weeks ago where AS assaulted an SNA base. The Somali army was bunched up in one spot relaxing on mattresses under the stars! Armoured vehicles casually parked to the side. Zero fortifications. Not even some sandbags and trenches. AS literally walked up to them and started shooting. I wouldn’t be surprised if those soldiers were high on khat and codeine. The response was so sluggish. These are the people AU forces are supposed to hand over operations to next year. How will they manage? AS will have a field day with such amateurs.
I know African militaries don’t have the experience of centuries of constant warfare like some of these developed countries. So we still have some hard lessons to learn. But damn! The past 15 years it’s like niggas haven’t learned shit. Modernisation ni brand new rifles na uniforms tu.

Digging trenches and putting up sandbags are the most elementary fortifications on any station. That video above doesn’t reveal any trench. There’s some fortified areas but easy to overrun. You wonder what these people were doing every day for years. If they took turns and made them, AlShabab wouldn’t have dared cross. But Mu Africa ni nani. These people didn’t learn from Kenyans being massacred?