During the second edition of the Luo Cultural Festival at Homa Bay High School on Monday, Mr Odinga told opposition MPs to remain vigilant in Parliament to block Jubilee’s moves.“We want to tell them that their plans are doomed to fail. I have shared with Wanga (Homa Bay Woman Rep) and asked her to carry enough water to Parliament should they try to bring such changes,” Mr Odinga said in an apparent reference to the woman rep’s 2014 action when she splashed the Deputy Speaker, Ms Joyce Laboso, with water during a stormy session.



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Jubilee was perfectly happy with the rules in March, and also happily cooperated when JaKuon decided to have them changed. Now Jubilee is happily going ahead with preparations to contest under the new IEBC, determined to win again.

JaKuon is perpetually unhappy because he knows that he can never win no matter what rules are used. His only recourse is violence.

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