Hookups in Telegram- Never ever think about it!!!

[COLOR=rgb(209, 72, 65)][SIZE=5][FONT=arial]DO not be such a fool to be scammed. Learn from my experience. Here is my story.[/FONT][/SIZE]
[INDENT][FONT=georgia]I recently decided to try new things in telegram during this pandemic. A joined several telegram groups via links shared in a certain WhatsApp group and it happened that I landed in a Various hookup telegram groups. The posts on requests from young ladies looking for sex and their capacity to host males or move from one place to another lured me to try new things in life, and this time was to cheat on my partner(Wife/Girlfriend). Guess what, I tried to contact a certain fucking admin for hookup service. So he demanded a hookup fee depending on the type of hookup ranging from 800 - 1800 claiming that hookup is instant. I paid for hookup service going for Ksh.1800. The admin went missing for a while after showing proof of payment. He later gave out fake numbers to call. He even did know the name of the lady. He avoided my texts. I used my friends TG to text him. He replied ASAP. From my original account, he ignored my texts. I decide to let the hungry Moron do his business monkey since he conned me softly but decided to save the lives of fellow men not to fall under such a trap.[/FONT][/INDENT]
Here is my verdict:
1. There are not legit hookups on telegram, they are scams. Dear men, go out and get what you want, there are no shortcuts in life.
2. You are likely to end in trouble while cheating on your partners.
3. I would like to expose some of these telegrams groups;
GENUINE HOOK-UP SITE led by a fucking conman called [COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]@briyna AKA Monique Shaffy ( [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]NAMPASO LEMISO- 0746008801)
Also share your experiences guys, thanks!!!

So just coz you’re a fool you think others are as stupid as you are…
We never pay for pussy and even if we do we most certainly don’t pay for something/someone we haven’t seen yet

Uende riverroad ulipe lanye

Jingah,shaet hii maneno kaambie mamako ile kitu ya maana umesema hapa ni vile ulirushwa pesa na admin juu alijua wewe ni mavi tu

nampasso lemiso?
yaani unataka kusema Maasai amekucon?

Iyo 1800 ungepata lanye wa siku mbili ama tatu.

Pole. If you want to pay for sex, pay for sex. Dont pay for telegram.

Mimi I have never been conned online because I simply don’t pay for what I haven’t seen. Common sense.

desperate bonobo…wewe umeshindwa tu ku-approach dame uitishe vitu…chieth maduong…!!!

Of all the people mtu anaweza danganywa nao, hii ng’ombe ilidanganywa na Maasai.


1800 umenunulia admin kunguru tatu at least plus transport:D:D:D:D

Hii ni kama kununua sauti ya ngombe kabla uione:D:D:D

Account created today, discussing KTalk hot topics. Huyu ni admin anatafuta traffic

With this corona,hiyo 1800+ ya bundle ningeingia pale tinder/badoo/tagged niitie hawa colle kids lunch na ikus ingekuja.
Saa hii najua acc yao iko na 1K of which that ‘K’ is silent.

Happy you learnt paying online to be hooked up never works

1800 for hookup, or you meant 180?? Administrator should block people with physical evidence of being utterly stupid, dump, dumb, damn, WTF!!

Enda tau, simama hapo Archives, select, then go for the kill ‘just say i want to pay’ - 90% success rate guranteed

Why engage a broker to buy lanyes

Mama za Watu achanaa nao plis.

Wewe ni bonobo sana. Penda pesa yako ghasia hii