Hongkongers continue their walk to freedom!!!

Conspiracy theorists of ktalk will of course blame the U.S or Trump or Bill Gates or whichever American they don’t like this week.

Wacha wawekewe hii story kesho na a fellow Chinese lover waingie huko mbio na theories na songs of poverty.



:smiley: Homo_patco umefika menopause ya akili

@Nanyundo , @Baresi, @uwesmake ,@kijanamrefu , @Mzee mzima , @Deepwater kimbieni mbio kabla mtu atoe maoni!!

Faster before it’s too late!!!


@uwesmake uko sure utatoboa nikiamua ni mimi na wewe?

Only a fool does not know this is an operation of America and CIA which has been responsible for destabilizing and overthrowing many govts around the world such as Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and recently they tried the same on Iran. The last country i will cheer up on earth is USA. We have many refugees, lost lives and orphans around the world as a result of their actions

Patco alibadilisha number lini?

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Mtakula teargas proper ndio mtajua chia sio Venezuela