Hongera Amb. Juma!!


[SIZE=6]Tears of joy as Kenyan pilots return from South Sudan[/SIZE]

Ambassador Amina Mohamed was an excellent CS for Foreign Affairs, and it is clear that she has a superb successor.

Juma was always superior to Amina…was weird seeing one work under the other…she will do great provided asikubali huyo bwanake karibu na ministry

@mikel, what is the basis of your ‘ranking’? IMHO, both have performed and vindicated Uhuru and Ruto throughout their service for selecting them and defending them when detractors tried to tarnish their names.

Jubilee Development. Hahahaha

I have worked with both…I was briefly affiliated to that ministry …vile nilitolewa ni stori for another day…they are both great women, but Juma is a very intelligent lady.

I concur…Dr Juma is very intelligent…no doubt.