Honey Packaging

Wadau, from my hives ive started harvesting huge volumes of honey, kitu 25kgs every month, has any one done packaging before and if you can breakdown machinery needed as well as general advice and direction will be appreciated.

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Finally someone with a proper mature question.
My two cents - look for an industrial scale honey extractor. It should help you separate all the components, wax, residue and the honey itself. Vile soko ni chafu, you’ll need to convince your target market that yours is legit. Branding and awareness strategy should help. You can take over the market by simply innovating the shape/design of the bottle. Also take your honey to the lab, get to know it’s features and tastes, desert vs highland vs…you get the drift.
I’ve seen a small edible oil company taking on giants just by the use of an innovative spout that reduces spillage.