Honestly. What do we even call this level of low for the entire continent?

I have looked into their economy. They export wood, meats and dairy products. Dairy being their cash cow.
How does a country of 4.8 million people have a better output than 90% of African countries. Imagine their gdp with Kenya or Ethiopia’s population? $2 trillion that’s for sure .


Subsaharans ni bure tu yet they call other races shit holes

They are not Managed by Negroes that’s why they are prosperous.

Take 4.8 million negroes there for 10 years and bring 4.8 million New Zealanders to Marsabit for 10 years and watch both groups transform thier new home. New Zealand will be one huge slum while Marsabit will be like the UK. Fvck negroes, natural born Slave race.

Maybe I should judge Africa for their position in 2050 as most African countries have gotten their independence only in the 60s power handed over to inexperienced legislatures and leaders. By 2050 there is absolutely no excuse for colonization. They should have their shit together. I hope to see at least 10 to 15 African countries competing with Europe and Asia.

Don’t be a self hater.

At the end of the day it comes down to this. Those who are successful have these 2 things which keep them organised. They have a culture that values documentation. Everything is documented and very transparent. Any of their citizens could site sources regarding government budget allocations. 2nd their citizens pay taxes. All of the money their leaders use comes from the taxpayer’s pockets and they will serve them or else they get voted out.

African countries aren’t changing for the better because their governments get little taxes from their citizens the rest comes from the U.S. and Europe as aid. They have no reason to change and the unmotivated citizens don’t protest if they do, they get shot at. If Europe or America says stop shooting your people. They immediately stop and listen because that’s who pays them not their citizens.

Wacha excuse bro. Joshua Cheserem (Biwotts father) kept exotic dairy cows before the 1952 emergency. Juma Hajee (of Juma Hajee Arcade eldoret) was a successful horticultural farmer before the 1952 emergency. We should blame ourselves, our society, not our leaders.
Every 5 years we chose from amongst ourselves those to rule us. We should accept we are lazy and cannot do anything to better our lives, but we shift all the blame to a few members of parliament, we take no responsibility for our failures

Very sad indeed…

What fuckery is this my friend? What is stopping African govts from taxing their citizens or documenting everything as you put it?

Revise that to 5020 please

When you tell Kenyans the truth they claim it is self hate.

When the Brits left Kenya all government institutions worked from Railways to Public collages such as KMTC. There was zoning when it came to urban development and city bylaws were obayed. Public buses were on schedule. AFRICANS are fauna

Hehehe Belgium a country of just 11 million exports more than the continent of Africa.

Yani 11 million people have more industrial output than 1.2 billion bonobos


Problem is the low IQ leaders we elect.I blame them for everything.from Kenyatta,Moi,uhuru.Only kibaki seems to have had some idea on how to run govt

It is not that simple. Nobody will buy your milk no matter how cheap you price it. New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are resource colonies of the old British empire. Most of the resources in these countries link back to Britain directly or indirectly. Without these colonies, Britain would be a very poor country given that it has no resources of its own.

This is Sub-Saharan Africa not the whole of Africa… but, yes… point made!

To put it in another way, you just proved @Ndindu 's point, haven’t you?

It takes low IQ subjects to elect low IQ leaders, don’t you think?

There is no need to be upset


North Africa is lumped together with Middle East but even if you included the African countries North of Sahara, Belgium still has more industrial output

The colonizers planned it in such a way that we’ll be consumers and their slave workers whenever they need them… that is why we have not been allowed to export processed coffee (and tea leaves?)…

Hence why I support more intra-Africa trade will earn way more billions than any agreement with any nation outside of it.