Honest mwarabou telling it like it is - Western culture is superior

Wakandans mupende musipende we live in a world founded on European values & progress


That’s obvious. We are currently living in the mzungu era. But remember also that there was a time when Babylonians, Egypt and Persians were also world powers

Huyo si atamaliswo na Taliban?

Amenikumbusha tribalists wa kenya,‘mimi siwezi oa inje ya kabila yangu’…alafu?
Huyo mwarabou atamaliswo,but ka ukweli kameniuma pia mimi. We strive to uphold our own values and culture yet we get lost in all that, forgeting to pick useful substancial knowledge from other values and culture as we move along. Case in point,maasais were never farmers but they had to be ama wangekufa since their patrolism life was hindered by civility and population,there was no wheat or barley in narok until the first cultivation in the seventies.

I believe that the Arab skull is 5 inches thick.