Honda Fit 1.5

What do you guys think of the 2007 Honda Fit 1.5 with has 7 speed gearbox (with paddle shifts) in terms of performance, fuel consumption and reliability? How much would you pay for a one with clean interior and exterior, with a KBY plate on it?



Nunua Mazda Carol. You will never regret

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Paddle shifts on a 1500cc ni madoido tu; ignore that excitement. Hio nanunua na 350k max, so long as it has been well maintained and kept…

Millage? Accident history?

kama kawaida: low mileage, accident free, one owner, original paint, new tyres e.t.c.

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Superb engine… Problem is that kuna magari nyingi in that class. Mazda, Toyota, VW, mkokoteni…
But as always Kenyans will look at trivial things like, shape, resale value, nini nini the usual bogus things…
Fit is a really super car.


Should be between 400k to 500k it all depends with the condition.One thing to look out for is the CVT gearbox.The gearbox has been a pain to some especially for those who don’t drain the CVTF/HMMF at the recommended intervals.
If you note that its vibrating when pulling off from a stop then the gearbox requires attention ASAP.Also you can do a test by stopping on a steep slope and try to drive off.If it reverses kuna shida na ‘start clutch’.If you will go ahead and buy it the first thing you should do is drain the CVTF /HMMF refill with the manufacturer recommended fluid.Locally you have the option of buying Honda CVTF at 2500 per litre and you need 4 litres or you can go for XADO cvtf at 1800 per litre.


I’d rather choose the MITSUBISHI COLT RALLIART VERSION… it’s got the muscle and the looks to boot

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