Honda crv vs Forester vs Rav 4

Gani musuri second hand yom 2006 hivi. budget ni 800k to 1.2m.

KTM 990 Adventure.



1.2 utapata Vanguard ama Harrier imetumika locally.

Take the fozzy obviously. that’s not even a kweshon to axe!


Vanguard haiproduciwi tena so spares itakuwa shida, harrier iko sawa?

Bet the wife and the nigglets will enjoy being in the back of the nduthi while it is raining

kwa hi segment (compact small suv/lifted station wagons), the cars dont have much difference - its the same experience, so just get any that is appealing to you.

lakini on the practical if you have a family consider the crv or rav4, kama hauna chukua subaru

Thanks man, naona heri crv

Vanguard, Harrier and RAV4 share alot of things so spares should not be an issue

Wewe unajua ni nini unasema kweli? Fikiria kabla kupayuka Payuka hapa na umeffi

This nonsense about spares and resale value really piss me off. My take among the option I would pick Forester (non turbo). My other advise is don’t and i repeat don’t buy locally used vehicle. Hata kaa niyamuhindi or ‘lady owned’

leta hio 1.2 nikupe crv ya 2007…great car

it’s the only practical, sturdy car among them all.

Consider in this order:-
[li]Subaru forester(hardy, go anywhere attitude, class leading awd, rarely breaks down if well taken care of)[/li][li]Honda Crv (sturdy engine, spacious,fuel efficient)[/li][li]Rav 4(efficient, proven built quality, thief magnet, rivets)[/li][/ol]
Alternatively nunua Mercedes E200 W211. Usitishwe na watu wa sijui german cars are a headache when used. Hao ni watu mercedes haijawahi fika village yao leave alone owning or driving one so they base their opinions on muguka base discussions. Utaingia freely places peasants hukaguliwa before waingie. Utatomba slayqueens mpaka uchoke. Believe me.

Take the forester, there’s a batch from DCI being offloaded if you’re interested

We sir, the muguka fraternity, are deeply offended by your careless sentiment.

You should read yesterday’s J.M Barasa’s article on vehicle maintenance and repair costs…all I can say is, unless you are in the business of building imaginary dams, carefully consider buying anything from the west, especially if you are buying it used