Hon Sabina Chege

Mimi ni mecho naosha tu. I believe mheshimiwa


So these foolish MPs just send money even without calling the person to confirm? What’s happening to this country? Why do I share a country with such stupid mortals?
But then again, if this so called “conman” has cloned Sabina’s number, then she has a case to answer. How is that possible, unless some employees at Safaricom (or whatever telco she uses) are in on it? There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Did they “clone” her number or just registered an alternate number using her ID?

You’re right, it’s another number. For Mpesa they don’t even need her ID, just look for another person called Sabina wanjiru Chege then register it. Which brings me back to my original question, how stupid are these MPs? As in…even if you send money and the confirmation shows it was sent to one Sabina Wanjiru Chege, kwani is she the only person in Kenya with such a name? I don’t know how other people do it, but if a number I haven’t saved requests me for money, I’ll at the very least call to confirm.

It might be a habit the mp’s have, and if you look at the amount being requested its not much to an mp, and especially now that the purported con person is using a lady mp, you send get that confirmation popup with the name, and since the message includes details only the mps know it becomes more real.
its also claimed the individual is known and they have been doing that, so you can’t rule out a cartel, or a bigger group being involved.

I would like to know whether Jakoyo called Sabina through the same number he sent the money to.If yes then Telcos have a case to answer

This saga, just goes to show mp’s sort each other out irregardless of tribe or party.

If you have been around the VIP’s their phones are carried by the “boys” so they will always alert them that fulani is calling/texting,in this case am sure most of then sent them money just like the way most of us will do if Sabina asks for the favor thinking that you will get laid. Am sure the texts we customized for every individual…for Muturi kweli yeye in fisi kabisa…and the con knows that. These tells you how its a walk in the park for Alfred Keter who is an MP.

Osungu nakalia wewe chabat

Sabina Chege anaweza pandwa mpaka kwa masikio na anamwagiwa kwa mapua.

True. That such a matter has to be discussed on national TV just shows how mediocre the Kenyan society has become.

Now that Baba has reached Canaan, expect more mediocre news on our screens.

huyu natomba mbayaaa , jakoyo ashamwaga ndani ya hio kuma

broke people ndio hupiga simu 20k kwake ni pesa ya one night drinking na vile amekula slice ya sabina anatuma bila kusumbua

its sabina boyfriend. i told u you that sabina has loose morals. she drinks herself silly n go about urinating anyhowly mkasema nadanganya. see for yourself now! @gashwin

nisaidie wrink ya hio hekaya

This is a case of impersonation, it can happen to anyone. 419 scammers have been using such tactics for years. Naturally debating a personal issue during time reserved for matters affecting the public is inappropriate. However it seems the main issue has been missed and anyone should be concerned about it given it involves claims about criminality protected and fostered by the DCI.

  1. The suspect is known, however the DCI arrested the wrong individuals as scapegoats. Even after the persons he set up were arrested, the suspect boldly attempted to con two CS’s implying he has police protection. We are of course reminded of this other case, again where a suspected criminal extortionist has police protection Police deny links to and protection of 'untouchable' tout | Nation
  2. Telcos should be investigated regardless and cleared. If someone can register a line or account under someone’s name, why can’t a terrorist or other criminal do it under an innocent person’s name for nefarious reasons
  3. She raises the prospect that the DCI are working with criminals and refusing to arrest them. I agree with her on this one. If anyone has been following the bitcoin theft case in Kenya one would understand it is the same MO, police officers arresting innocent individuals and framing them with charges when they fail to pay bribes, but leaving the masterminds with the stolen money to go scot free: Thread by @pesa_africa: "Mega Thread: Kenya Bitcoin Fraud Case at Nairobi's Milimani Court Police Case No. 113/205/2017 On the morning of Friday 17, November '17 Emm […]"

To crown it all, it is not hard to see why police run cartels are firmly entrenched, see this case:
Two traffic Police Officers based on Thika highway found by EACC to have received bribes amounting to Sh37 million through M-Pesa. The cops were found to have transacted Sh37 million using their M-Pesa accounts in a period of 7 months!!!

So wewe hutuma tu pesa kwa wale watu wa “Hi, ni Sabina Chege, nitumie kwa hii number…ile ingine iko na shida” bila kuconfirm? Kama ni pesa kidogo wanatusumbua basi kwa nini mpaka kudiscuss on national TV? Si waaccept and move on? Sisi hatukuwa nao wakitumiana pesa.


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