Hon Members

'Times i seat alone in my humble crib , look deep into the future and, often than i would care to admit, i weep for our motherland. Kenya is slowly drifting to a sinkhole that will swallow us all. We are headed to a place where it will be untenable to surport the number of important “people” in our nation.
Consider This: The national legislative assembly, collectively has over four hundred members. The county assemblies, all 47 of them have over 1500 . Each of the county and national government has a min of 20 executive/ Cs. Add to this speakers and their staff, whips, crap and shiet. In short, we have close to Ten thousand honerable members. That’s not much, you say. But, consider, every five years, we elect a new…and mostly replace the existing. But those replaced don’t cease to be Honerable members. They are still. So in ten years we may have 17k Hon Members. And the number grow larger every cycle. Their entrenched tentacles reach far and wide.
Today on the road, every five minutes you have to give way to a fuel guzzler with a chase car ferrying an important member of the Gestapo. This Hon Members have wives, and children, and mistress…all who are now Hon Members by Dick extension. In short, in twenty years, we will have spawned almost a hundred K Important people who require special treatment. You will pardon a Hon member on the left, only to bump into another on then right, and pay the price for it.
Oh…and by the way…i forgot members of regional parliaments, heads of constitutional bodies, and drug barons ext… I pity those coming after us

Mukule ujeuri[SIZE=1] tano tena ,kumi fresh [/SIZE][SIZE=6]tunakamuliwa dfbkhkm.[/SIZE]

Yaaaaaaay tano tenaaaaaa!

This is not a Tano tena thing…it was brought by The Monkey Trader when he helped change the constitution. Michuki was right…the clamour for constitutional change was to kick out Mo1. It should have ended there. But trust TMT to go change a perfectly good constitution just to stroke his ego.

Maneno ya retiring, do they get a one off send off package ama wanaingia kwa list ya niggas that the state has to pay pension monthly?

Hapa kwa devolution tulicheswa… These huge salaries and benefits for waheshimiwas are not sustainable… Lakini tumeshikwa makende because they have direct influence how much we pay them

Ok…sips w/cap

One term in parliament earns you a lifetime of pension and medical schemes and mistress holidays. It’s hell

shithole country it is

The tragedy about shiny eyes is that the only bright thing on them is their eyes …they are the most dense group of people…

They have perfected the art of lying to themselves and religiously believing their own lies…

They got all of us into this mess …they are continuing to eff us up …yet they still blame Raira

Just how stupid can people really be?

Na nikisema the worst thing that happened to us as a people was the elevation of TMT , mnaniona mmbaya. This guy single handeddly destroyed our future

Who the fak is credited with the change of constitutional order in this nation. That very very black man is to blame. No wonder he can’t even lead a coalition of rug tug wannabee

I have seen equally more black people from where you come from.

For you this devolution isnt worthy coz in the pre-2010 years resources were mainly expensed in your region …while kwetu got zero…

Its not him that is eating our country humongous loans, is he?

Devolution… just like the windmills of the gods, it will grind us slowly but surely… as long as the judiciary continues to see and hear no evil from the these political conmen!

It depends if the MP served one or two terms. One term MPs receive a payoff of 18.8 million while those who served at least 2 terms get a monthly pension of 125k for life. Each MP is also eligible for a 5 million car grant, 20 million (subsidized) mortgage and a 7 million car loan. They also received an additional 6.7 million aka ‘service gratuity’…
That scheme is only for MPs. Hatujaongea juu ya governors, senators, MCAs na county executives.

[SIZE=6]One-term MPs to leave with Sh18.8m in pension payoff[/SIZE]
Each of the 196 one-term MPs who lost seats in this year’s General Election will walk away with a whopping Sh18.8 million pension payoff, highlighting the heavy burden that taxpayers will shoulder to keep them comfortable out of office.

The former MPs, including senators and members of the National Assembly, will cumulatively receive Sh3.7 billion as a golden parachute for serving a single term in Parliament.

Based on Kenya’s average monthly salary of Sh53,736, it would take 29 years to make the Sh18.8 million that each MP is set to pocket.

The Parliamentary Pensions Act stipulates that only those who serve for two terms are entitled to a Sh125,000 monthly pension for the rest of their lives.

For MPs who lose after serving one term, they are refunded the equivalent of three times their monthly pension deductions plus 15 per cent interest for every year served.

Each member of the 416-member bicameral Parliament (including the Speakers of the Senate and the National Assembly) is also set to pocket Sh6.7 million, drawing from the Sh2.8 billion that the Treasury has allocated to pay their service gratuity.

Besides their fat salaries, MPs were entitled to a Sh5 million car grant, a Sh20 million mortgage and a Sh7 million car loan.

The law provides that a member shall be entitled to a pension if his or her aggregate period of reckonable service is two terms of Parliament and has attained the age of 45.

Pensions payable shall be based on the member’s pensionable emoluments for the last 12 months (whether continuous or discontinuous) during which he or she served.

The pensionable emoluments to MPs include salary, responsibility allowance, constituency allowance, nominated member’s allowance, ex-officio member’s allowance, house allowance, accommodation allowance and sitting allowance.

The MPs earned a salary of Sh532,500 when they came in 2013 and left with a monthly pay of Sh710,000 on August 7, 2017.

Sent home

Voters sent home 196 or 47 per cent of the 416-member Parliament (excluding two speakers).

At the National Assembly, 109 elected MPs, 36 women representatives and four first-term nominees lost their seats.

In the Senate, 36 elected lawmakers and 12 nominees were shown the door. The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC), the MPs’ employer, deducts 12.75 per cent of each member’s salary as pension and pays the amounts so deducted into the Consolidated Fund.

Bro, I waste away in coast…800miles from home. You think if there were goodies at home I would brace this insolent heat and humidity to make Fake Tomatoe sauce for ungrateful momos who eat Chips by the bucket.

Our constitution is not sustainable; it’s crude and very expensive ! The 'freedom " in it is unacceptable in any democracy

Rudi Kenya average salary ya Kenyan kuwa 53k!

Weep my beloved country. Weep and wail and gnash your teeth. TMT is the worst that ever lived

When William opposed the katiba, mlimtusi. Now Raila is the one who spawned this katiba? Enyewe when mtu hapendwi every single thing that irks someone will be associated with him.

Feelings aside, the katiba ya Bomas was agreed upon, then it was changed by Amos Wako to return a powerful presidency and then rejected.

Alafu we gave it to a committee of experts who included Ekuru Aukot - who thinks that the system of governance is too expensive and unsustainable (you would think he’d have the foresight to see that but nope! Now he thinks he has the key to the future of Kenya and is trying to be president).

The coe picked a lot of the katiba bits and pieces from SA and the US. Then they tried to trick Raila by keeping the presidency instead of pm. Raila supported the katiba.

Majority voted yes. They aaaaaall campaigned for it and convinced many that it was good. Issues that were raised we were told tutasort baadaye.

How exactly is all this Raila’s fault? And I’m sure if he opposed it the sentiment would be that we don’t have a katiba because of him (assuming it lost) and if it won it would be that he can’t implement what he opposed.