Hon. Gladys Wanga.

These Homabay politicians should practise mature politics. They should learn to differentiate between the president as a politician and the president as a head of state.

The president as a head of state is a symbol and instrument of national unity. Ignoring his function only serves to perpetuate divisive and retrogressive politics.
Politics is a field with a lot of dynamism. Maybe in 2027 these people will be in Ruto’s camp. The same Makau Mutua who used to refer to Uhuru as “Mr Kenyatta” ended up serving under him in Azimio.
Politics shouldn’t be a source of enmity. It should be a healthy competition of ideas.

“When a head of state visits your county, as a governor, place ego and personal interests aside and bargain for your county”~ Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru

Bargain for what ? Si counties zinapata pesa separately

Kenyans we are still backward because we believe that for “development” to be attributed to where you come from/lead you have to kiss the ass of the president.
And this has been practiced for so long, disenfranchising the regions “out of government” that we believe it’s the right thing to do.
Look at the way the chiefs were chased in Maragua by the area MP because they ‘supported Azimio’.
If we believe that the national cake shouldn’t be equally distributed then the problem is us as a people, not the politicians we elect.

Again, why was JSKS visit so abrupt? I mean, this was a far cry from his previous thanksgiving services where the information was out the day before.
Who knew he was to be there and why do we believe that the leaders over there are sitting ducks without other commitments?

Bargaining for stalled national government projects to resume and for new projects to come under his presidency.
Think of it like Uhuru’s 2nd term treatment of Western, Ukambani and Nyanza in terms of projects.

If he was there on official/state business then wanga & co should have attended. But he went for private church worship. I thought hii maneno ya all govt officials accompanying rais to church every sunday ended with nyayo.

You really don’t understand how allocation, gazettment and final development of national projects work do you? Power revolves around everything and that allocation to counties that you seem to praise so much is such a small amount to conduct any meaningful development.

Ps; I’d encourage you to take up some few courses pale KSG to better learn how governments function then maybe utawacha kukuwa so ignorant.

Yesterday I gave you guys a heads up. Niliwashow tutakua HB but that tutakua YouTube live

Wewe umefanya kazi na Jubilee right? I hope you were able to hitchhike one of the trips/visits the president made around the country and you’d have known that there’s usually private functions after the president meets with the public. When you are having a meal/drinks with the president, that is the opportunity that you as the leader of that region use to pinpoint to the president what the concerns of your people are and the projects that need to be completed. It doesn’t matter whether he came on an official visit, what I know and I have witnessed atleast 4-5 times I’ve been invited(pre 2017) to be on such trips is that we usually went to some hotel or state lodge and all the politicians would mingle and I’d see the big guy talking to the leaders of that region quite frequently. It’s a win win situation because after 5 years the president might decide to use those completed projects as tools for his campaign for re-election.

Yeye ni keyboard anus licker tu


You are a fool.


western ni nini uhuru kinyasa alifanya in the second term

hiyo upus iliisha an the last constitution were ambia gavana afanye kazi.

It was a political visit disguised as kanisa. They are trying to replicate the strategy they used in Mt kenya. Wanataka kupangwingwi jaluo vile walifanya tugeges.




President can initiate national government projects which are beyond county government budget , wat did that fat toad glands did to the president now? Hajakubali we have a new president and leader of national unity and church?

Huyu ni kasisi wa kanisa lipi?. Anakaa muungwana sana. Ona tabasamu lake .

It was a church service, no? Plus she warmly invited the president to her county. Zaidi ya hapo sasa ni feelings

That’s kibet rutos PA ,. Heard alichapa muthama wetu Kofi wazimu , after 10 years we will need answers

Halafu JSKS akafinya mutua viganja hadi machozi yakatoka. Yaani maziwa yanazidi muthokoi kiaje?.