hon george theuri

Swag master season 2. Read between the lines the reason why he is posting posters outside his constituency its because he is positioning himself for a higher position in 2022

swag master season 2 tuko na yeye mbaya sana.H-town kwa wale wanashikanisha.

He is a performer though and he has a way with people. Still lives in his constituency and is accessible. As councillor he would traverse his ward on a bike saying hi to people etc.

I also realized those areas with old city council and govt estates have a core group of people who will vote for you consistently so these connections help.

In other news how is Mr. TIBIM doing in Embakasi East?

Na huyu kijana wa mwenje anaweza tu suprise hii nomination juu vile naskia wasapere wakibonga apa U-2 hawadai swag master

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Ni tricky considering K South, Civo, Umoja 3 hadi huko Mowlem ina watu wengi sana pia. Theuri has to work hard to win.