homosexuals dont reprodcuce they recruit

on the notable Far Right Conservative pronouncements by Jerry Falwell
Jerry Falwell on the “Homosexual Revolution” (1981)

). The letter is printed on what appears to be lined yellow notepad paper.”

I refuse to stop speaking out against the sin of homosexuality.

With God as my witness, I pledge that I’ll continue to expose the sin of homosexuality to the people of this nation. I believe that the massive homosexual revolution is always a symptom of a nation coming under the judgement of God.

Romans 1:24-28, Paul clearly condemns the sin of homosexuality. In verse 28, when a nation refuses to listen to God’s standards of morality, the bible declares, “God gave them over to a reprobate mind.”

Recently 250,000 homosexuals marched in the streets of San Francisco. Several weeks ago 75,000 more were marching in the streets of Los Angeles. Homosexuals are on the march in this country.

Please remember, that homosexuals do not reproduce! They recruit!

And, many of them are out after my children and your children.

And if you will support me with your prayers and offerings, I will continue speaking out—no matter what the opposition says.

You may be sure—militant gays are doing everything they can to silence me!

Recently, a homosexual organization came to Lynchburg to demonstrate against me. They held demonstrations outside our offices. They called themselves the “Oral Majority.”

In almost every one of my “I Love America” rallies on the state capitol steps, large groups of homosexuals come and demonstrate against me. They shout obscenities into the air. They lift signs and placards with vulgar words on them.

It sounds a great deal like Sodom and Gomorrah. As I interpret Scripture, when a society becomes like Sodom and Gomorrah, it is not far from destruction.

Some of these people are dangerous.

And they are putting pressure on the networks and local television stations. A recent TV Guide told the story of how a homosexual organization censors a great deal of the content of network television programming regarding homosexuality.

Can you believe this? How could the networks grant homosexuals the privilege of censoring what goes on national and prime time television? They certainly do not allow Christian organizations any such privilege. We have never asked for such a privilege.

I do not want to frighten the children of America regarding the goals of militant homosexuals in this country. They do demonstrate in the streets. They do have plans to create a unisexual society in this country. They do want to transform America into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

Will you help me continue to cry out against this sin of homosexuality? …

In Christ,

Jerry Falwell

[li]Let me repeat, a massive homosexual revolution can bring the judgement of God upon this nation. Our children must not be recruited to a profane lifestyle.”[/li][/ol]

Vunja kabati pole pole bila kusumbua kijiji konokono shoggga hii.

Homos needs to be killed brutally by a mob.
We are vigilant in our ward, the neighbouring wards are following suit.

A society of homosexual fornicators, flaunting their behavior in public, can’t be achieved without first having a society of heterosexual fornicators. Both go hand in hand to divide and destroy both sexes while preventing the creation of families. More severely, fornication separates you from God and destroys your soul, one casual hook-up at a time.

Damn Cheems, did you find God?

If you see someone demonstrating to attack social values along the lines of “pro- lgbt”, " anti-fa", “anti-far right”, " “progressive”, “blm”, and anything pro-feminism, anything attacking pro-life etc etc…the aim of those groups is to fracture and breakdown society and reconstruct it anew. No one knows the final result of that exercise, but I can tell you it is not going to be as good as people are touting it out to be.

The left are too infatuated with their vision to see the shit they are creating in real life, this modern world is highly paid and suddenly everywhere.

Even here in this village they pay the mods to look the other way.

endelea kumeza ARVs bila kutangaza. Malair!

They need to be “re-educated” , being violent on them only creates more sympathy for them.

homoobama tried to force homos on Uhuru and our Leader refused out rightly and told him to take his homosexuals back to Pelosi and other vote cheating Demoncrats kina @Abba

Jinga hii