At the risk of being lynched… I have to ask…
Being new here I have noted that the majority of people here are dead set against gays.
What did the gays ever do to you?
My view is that they are simply loving each other.
I know of people doing worse and nobody goes after them with as much venom.
And don’t quote the Bible for me… in Leviticus where it says about homosexuality, it also says about
Eating pork, shellfish, using mixed grains and harvesting the corners of fields. At some point most of us have indulged in one or more of the above… And if not, maybe even right now you are wearing mixed fabric which is also forbidden.
Should we not live and let live?
*I am not gay but I see no need for hate so spare me the name calling.

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why do you dumb f.ucks feel the need to shove your perverted sh.tty life styles down other people’s throats ??





too much to read on a Saturday … do this Econy Burves, could you post this shit on Tuesday i might try and read it then…but for now : Watu wa Man U mko wapi?

Bingwa do you ever get tired?


Nyonya io NV ukitosheka ukujie mboro. MEFFI![ATTACH=full]56805[/ATTACH]

A man should not screw another man, that’s the way it was meant to be, now bend over

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Do you know any other words?

Niaje vaite?

How exactly?
If anything it’s we heterosexuals that can’t shut up about our sex lives… look at the many threads on this forum for example

akikuja utashangaa!, nasty surprise…

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They are hating on women whom we soo much love. Na uketi ==================>pale NV, treeholder frare gay!

:D:D:Dakija na mshughulikia ata kama ni ndume. Hawa NV wamezidisha ujinga hapa

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MEFFII WEWE…Mtoi wangu naeza uwa yeye nkiskia tabia ka hii ama ata nifikirie tu

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enda cheza hii game utajua mbona schupid

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Hii umeffi yote siwess soma saa ii.Fanya ivi wekelea mbisha ya @Ebonycurves tusafishe macho before hii derby iyanze.

dude…you are a latent paedophile

U r a DOLT!

I know you are but…