Homosexuality is rampant in Nyanza


The office block, hidden deep in a middle level estate in Kisumu, was all quiet, save for a few chirping birds perched on tall trees in the compound. A hawk-eyed guard, ushered us in, after confirming we had an appointment with the boss.

After a few procedures, we were led into a well-furnished, expansive room where we came face-to-face with a group of smartly dressed young men. They sat in twos, their fingers caressing one another.

They are all men, but among them are those playing the role of girlfriend. The “girls” shyly stare at us, their ‘sexy’ hairstyles and ‘soft’ faces sparkling with fresh makeup.

The clinic run by a non-governmental organisation - Men against Aids Youth Organisation (MAAYGO) is exclusively for the gay and lesbians whose increasing number in Kisumu has alarmed the Church.

MAAYGO’s leaders and members are all gay and others transgender; both infected and affected by HIV. Most of its clients are aged between 18 and 35.

The clinic offers HIV prevention, care, treatment, and support services, while promoting their sexual reproductive health. Kisumu has in the past one year realised an increase in homosexuals. The clinic has enrolled 2,113 homosexuals.

Married men

By March 2018, Kisumu’s gay population had grown to 3,500. “The number is growing. I am sure there are many more who still fear coming out,” said a senior official at MAAYGO, who will only call Ken for security reasons.

Ken said about 700 of the gay men are married with children, including a pastor, high school and university students and teachers.

A 20-years-old university student who referred to himself as a sex worker, said his parents know about his dealings.

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why would anyone be surprised and yet they have places with names like… like HOMObay and USENGE :D:D

Is that what your gay radar is telling you??

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This is not news … worst kept secret.

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This research was bangled, anzeni Na coast bana

Na by the way politics aside labda huwa mnafikiria ni jokes but hii mambo ni serious but you will never hear Luo leaders addressing this issue. Everyone in Nyanza pretends ati it doesn’t exist.

There could be some activists teaching it to the youth secretly. Who knows.

Si hata Coast kumejaa wajaluo. Tena wengi zaidi. Attracted by the fishing industry, construction jobs etc. Ukienda hadi Manda utakuta wajaluo walifika huko miaka ya zamani.

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Central Kenya leads in numbers of homosexuals, Nyanza is only recently catching up.

I observed that Dar and Msa have very high numbers and someone here attributed it to Arabic heritage and influence. What of Kisumu?