Homosexuality in the Luo Community.

[SIZE=5]Like I have said many times in the recent past homosexuality and the Luo community ni chanda na pete:


Homosexuality in Nyanza is the main reason that AIDS spread like wildfire in the Western Kenya region.

This homosexual Luo man interviewed below is about @slevyn 's age. He is about @Tom Bayeye or @Mangele 's age.

You will find @Tom Bayeye shouting here that is married but on the side he is in fact keeping it on the down low, nobody has to know. Most Luo men have boyfriends on the side. Obama himself has a well known and documented ga.y lifestyle history. Today this lifestyle is called POLYAMOROUS.


Before it was known as bisexual swinging or swinging. This is where a man agrees with his wife to practice homosexuality within the confines of their marriage.

The church Obama attended lead by Jeremiah Wright had a private club for ga.y members and was very popular with black polyamorous couples. Michelle Obama is very okay with that down low lifestyle. Will Smith is also rumoured to be bisexual.

Anyway thanks to talker @Kaffir for these informative videos below.

Who will save the Luo nation???



Part 3 of this video series deals with Luo fishermen.

You will see fisherman Patrice Lumumba Okwiri aka swansea whistling loudly at Jimmy Otieno AKA @Half_Human to come closer to the boat so they can talk. After agreeing they will set sail. They will shake the boat aggressively almost breaking it in half. And in the morning they will return back to shore smiling with satisfaction after polluting the lake waters.

Who will save the Luo nation???




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Sex for fish is not only in the Luo community but also in all fishing communities across the globe. Add this in your abstract.

In as much I hate faggets, hii kitu inafaa ikuwe legalized tusongee mbele so as to protect the vulnerable as in the videos above and for the sake of public health issue. Whether the society would accept it, that’s upon them. Na pia mimi kama entrepreneur nataka walegalize ndio nijenge high end luxury resorts in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu to attract the monied faggets from Yurop, Unaited Steits na China na pia from the Kenyan parliament. Sisi Wana biashara we don’t care what you do with your body organs as long as you pay the top dollar. I hope Arap Mashamba atalegalize hii kitu tuiibie this silly faggets kama ghaseeer:D


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