Kenyans and their peculiar habits…



Kabila yetu namaliswa…

Huyo identity thief walishikwa naye atakuja pia?

This is nonsense

Hehehe. Kenya for you. And we wonder why no politician has been convicted of any crime including corruption. The script is the same - get arrested, cry wolf, allege victimization, pay a few people to mobilize villagers for a grand homecoming, be declared a hero of your community… and the cycle continues.

Na vile napenda wakale… :oops:

Alfred Keter is a thief. The charges should not be dropped no matter how hard he tries to wiggle himself from it.

i dont give a fuck

Milking political mileage, political militancy loading!

Keter will still have to explain why he was ‘assisting’ a fellow with a stolen identity.