Homebrew D&D

Hi my names Tom and i’ve been DMing dungeons and dragons for around 7 years now, mostly online

So I’m hoping to start a D&D around these parts it’s most likely going to take place on mondays after game night and looking for people to join I’ll be using a completely Homebrewed set of rules but don’t be frightened it’s meant to be funner and less convoluted than most D&D rules i need atleast 4 people to run and all rules will be posted along with how to make a character on the site we will be using, i’m ok holding hands so feel free to give it a try.

The link is to Roll20 if you don’t have an account just set one up it’s free and it really is the best online site for roleplay

tunacheza dnd ama tuko tukitafuta chakula?

Sasa D&D na DMing dungeons and dragons ndio gani ?

Get out of the basement son and be in the sun.
You need the sun more than you need D&D.
You need to sweat.
You need to bruise.
Then you will play that D&D later on.
Learn to postpone fun for a minute.
It’s blood, sweat and tears out here son.
Unless, of course, it’s for monetary gain.

Dungeons and Dragons are one of my favorite games ever. It’s like an ultimate video game where everything is possible, you just have to use your imagination to render the graphics. I love getting to be someone who’s stronger than I ever could be whose problems are so much bigger than mine, I get to be a wizard who can throw fire at people and divine the secrets of the universe or I can be sneaky rogue fencing goods and burglarizing houses. It’s great. At [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]https://dndguide.net/ I’ve learned new spells that were very useful when playing my favorite game Dungeons and Dragons.

Yeah, I love D&D too.