home use Printer?

Hello good people.Kindly Suggest me a home use printer budget less than 13k.

HP laser jet Pro M102a

Toner mbesha shigana?

I always find Hp printers cheap to buy but costly to run I.e Cost of cartridges/ toners…

toner ikiisha atayarishe 10k

laser jet ni poa but price ya toner wacha tu

hey Mshikadau, I think you might find what you want from JUMIA .
They do have some great deals on brand new products …

I have one and im liking the quality of printing and photocopy

I’ll leave a link below where you can access the page


I have all types, let me get u the list for ua budget

depends on the use requirements, but unless one is doing a lot of color graphic prints, a compact laser is very ideal for typical home use.

its 4k not 10k na pia siku hizi kuna refill

determine if you want an inkjet,deskjet or laser jet

Buy the one with ink tanks Epson or hp.

Epson L382.

So, I see there everybody know what means a good printer. I saw on the mrdepot.ca statistics that Epson and Laser jets are the most buyed printers for this years. These shows the great performance and amazing quality of printing. In my opinion, Epson has a better colour quality and it is printing greatly in general, you can also print photos with it. While HP Laserjet is more productive, it is times faster especially when you print black and white. So it depends on everybody’s preference, better or faster.