Home owners. Inspectors coming for you


Another new group to add in the construction bribe list.

Ok… if I shower with cold water , what does it have to do with ERC and their stupid gazetting. It’s my water, my body and my bill . My take … someone is forcing sale of those solar things through gazetting .

wait kiasi, ati its a must to install solar water heater in your premise…

Yes. It’s a must you shower with hot water .

they should provide tapped water to every household first…

Hapa kuna cartel inataka kunukisha kitunguu.

M sure kuna container kadhaa in the high seas na hiyo merchandise wanadai tuweke.

Nikijenga pigsty nilienda kuuliza hizo gadgets za solar water heating.

Average cost zao ni kitu 120k. Na they seem just to be selling them. Customer
support incase ilete noma hawajaipangia. Many of the dealers want to deal with
new installations, sio repairs.

Maybe after 5 years system iharibike na wadai ureplace mpya. That will be too
much to spend in a span of 5 years.

Wacha nilipe bill ya stima pole pole.

Utalipa fine sio bill ya stima

I think it is a good idea,
Using solar (renewable energy) over electricity looks futuristic and good for our pockets.
Maybe the problem emerges on the forceful implementation part because definitely that’s where corruption reigns in

They should come up with something like" Whoever implements solar heater will get a rebate off their electricity bill." This is just forcing it down people’s throats .Bandit country

This is good for homeowners but kenyans will always fight everything. The cost of installating a 300L a day hot water solar is approximately 120k it will significantly reduce your powerbill.

Apart from heating water, solar energy is clean and reliable when installed well.

The problem is the prohibitive COST of the materials required.

Batteries, regulators and panels are quite costly. If something is done to reduce
the cost, the uptake of solar power usage in homes would increase.[ATTACH=full]169825[/ATTACH]

what if I choose to bathe with cold water? mahali kama mombasa do people need hot water really?

iyo ni yako…

Solar water heaters are different from solar electrical installations.
Don’t confuse the two.

Significantly reduce power bill? Elucidate assuming a household of 5 each showering once a day for 10 minutes using instant shower.

I am aware that the two are different.

Solar water heater only heats water and has different installations.

A combination of panels, regulators, inverters and batteries produces solar power.

I don’t see rental units captured in those categories.
Kama mtu ako na tubedsitter kama kumi na umewekea tenants instant shower, itabidi ku_install pia?

crazy, right?

Did you actually read the notice?,

They are clearly saying if you’re heating more than 100ltrs of water using water heater then you’ll have to go the solar way!..its a matter of using the heater to boil excess water