Home of the Sitatunga

I’ve had this collection of my trips around western last December which i’d like to share for anyone wishing to do a trip to those sides. This is a collection of a few photos from the Saiwa Swamp National Park (Home of the Sitatunga). The sitatunga ia rare breed of samp dwelling antelopes. In kenya, this is the only place (Saiwa Swamp) where you can find them.

Unfortunately, during my trip, I arrived at the park late into the night (around 9pm) and thus woke up late and did get to see many of them. But, I saw one hiding in the thickets. They come out of the water only very early in the morning when the sun is not hot and by 9ish they are aback in the water coz its already getting hot. So the best time to see them is between 6am and around 8am.

Either way, I had a great time. I met the ‘commander’ (there’s a title they were using, which i’m forgetting) of the KWS officers there and he was very gracious. He and his driver showed me where to camp and ensured my night was going to be good. he was very worried that I might freeze there camping and suggested I take the treehouse but I had confidence in my sleeping bag, my hoodie, and my ‘mboshori’. We even had a drink just to toast the night.

Anyways even if you don’t get to see the Sitatunga, you can still enjoy walking around the swamp, just as I did.

I also lost my tripod shoe (the thing that holds the camera to the tripod) so kama ulitembea huko kwa tower three ukaona hio kitu niliwacha hapo, priss priss nimerudishie coz my sh.15,000 Vanguard tripod is virtually useless now.

About getting there:
~ Use google muaps and you’ll be fine (I used it and did not get lost, despite the fact that i was traveling there at dusk and arrived at around 9ish)
~ Theres about 10kms (not very sure) of murram road between the kitale -kapenguria road and the Saiwa Swamp park. It appeared to be an all weather road though I travelled there during a dry season.




Oya @Deorro si unisaidie kuweka hii thread kwa general naona cheki maneno ni sports

Did you spend a night up the tree house? Damn scary. Its like you’re always waiting for a python to pop in, I didnt sleep one wink.

:D:D no i didn’t. I spent the night in my tent (see last photo) it was cold but not as much as i thought it would be…and not scary at all…

Am kind of a diva I hate camping we got rained on whilst on the nature trail too, unfortunately we came in late and had to leave early so no sitatunga, its terribly disappointing, I think they said its the only place theyre found. It was a long while back hasnt changed much though. Isnt it a world heritage site? Where else did you go?



Very nice trip. Next time kaa huko mpaka uone huyo swara. Did the warden tell you how big their population of the antelope is ? Are there any other large animals other than the sitatunga ? Looks like waste of good swamp if they’re the only residents.

They are also found in Nandi county.

After saiwa swamp I went to the kapenguria 6 museum, and then to mt. elgon national park. I’ll post pictures of both places in the subsequent thread.

Give us specifics twende tukatembee huko tho I heard they are only found in saiwa swamp

They are the only large animals there (tho I can’t speak with 100% certainty)…yea it’s kind of a waste coz the park is really big…but then again they’ve are a rare breed that needs protection

Kingwal swamp in Nandi county. I’ve never been there but I remember hearing news of the swamp being burnt by area residents.[ATTACH=full]167634[/ATTACH]

If you can after Kapenguria,it’d be nice to go to the Pokot cultural village at Kainuk though Im not sure how safe it is bcz of bandits/herders even the kids have rifles, sometimes its volatile on the way back ask for Ndura Farm, pretty interesting nature trail too.

Nice Pics @Riva .Lovely looking place too.

Fantastic place to visit…

remarkable as always from Riva

Ndura farm ilichomek

I was going to use that route and come back via bogoria and Nakuru but some people discouraged me on security grounds, but I plan to visit that area again, it’s such a beautiful place