Home Care Visas to the UK

Some of you have asked me kwa inbox how their aunties/relas can come to the UK for Tushosho jobs. The UK has now opened doors…the info should be available on the Home Office website…


Hakuna MTU amekuuliza OSHA nappies za wathungu Huko Birmingham pekee yako


So hii kazi ya kuosha tushosho majuu inakuanga ya ukweli? Mi hudhani ni chocha?

Modern Day Slavee Trade. Utaenda huko upate umewekwa kwa haunted homes. No sleep. na uko Uk haujui hata mganga mwenye atakuokolea kutoa spell… heri kenya utakimbilia kitui … Anyway if you get the chance just go. Mimi hii kenya sihami

You don’t have to. This was meant for those with a different mind set. Those who are here to fill their pockets wakiendaga zao. Those in the care industry earn a lot of money as they are paid live -in expenses pia kaa unataka kulala na gashosho kwake.
While you are you on about slavery, the UK has a new scheme for international students. They can stay here…they pay them well and offer them papers. Brain drain pap!!
Wee kaa tu hapo…

I hope unachat kama uko UK si Gishagi?

Kuna stupidity ingine huwa inanilemea. This message was meant for ‘others’ and here you are working so hard to kojolea on it.
There are folk working on it already. BAFF!!

Its true,kuna ingine najua personally,my cuzo’s ex gf runs it,inalipa like a 700 ndorras A DAY depending on traffic and workload,most of it ni home care tho ako na wazaae kwa nyumba yake,these are the money makers since relatives hawataki responsibilities so unalipisha kama gesti. How it works,simu inapigwa uende keja flani kuna invalid that needs cleaning,meaning utakuta msee ame jikunyia,tapika,or kojoa or all,so ,ju wenyewe hawawezi hizo kazi you can charge up to a fixed amount not less than 100,utakulisha yeye na kumvalisha diapers kabla ujivute…all in an hour or two alafu kuna zingine kama tano zinakungoja bado if they are fat,you charge more. You do this with one day off,unarokota pesa ka nanzenz

mbona mtu aende ulaya kufanya kazi duni ivo sababu ya pesa? si ata heri mtu afanye kwa mortuary huku kenya?

how much is the salary… I hear UK maisha ni expensive sana

Is anyone eligible or you need to have Healthcare papers?


wakenya wakifanya ii kazi na ile bidii wao huweka huko majuu izi places zitakuwa safi na wao watapata pesa poa

That photo with Ruto and his cap makes me want to laugh sijui kwanini. Hawa watu waliambia Baba that these were Luos and he agreed since they had darkened in death, even the kikuyus… He agreed to have a ceasefire

Am interested. How do I go about it?

There is a lot of money in this industry. Salary depends on the service you are delivering. You could be an employee in the nursing homes that are gava or privately owned, you could be employed by an individual family to look after their sick or abled differently loved one…just google them pls. Info is all online. There is plenty of money to be made…

Listen to Sharon’s video tapes. She explains it all. BTW watu washaanza kufika bro since it does not require much in terms of qualifications.

I think most people can meet the qualifications needed. Sio mambo mingi…pls listen to Sharon and I think she released some new info jana. Let me tell you something, jobs in these industry are not as dirty as people paint it. Look at it as jobs similar to auxillary nursing. For instance I have this TZ mama friend of mine. She is employed by 2 rich bros to look after their mum up in the North kule NewCastle. One bro works in Australia and the one in Dubai. So she works as what we call a ‘live in’. Yaani you are paid round the clock…all she does are mboch like jobs…takes her to the salon, takes her shopping and bingo, takes her for tea to her friends houses, makes sure she has taken her medication etc. The bros rely on her for their peace of mind. They pay her roughly £1000 per week when I last checked and of course they double her pay during holidays and bank holidays. This is clean after tax money…the bros also shower her with gifts and pay for her holidays…wuuueh…
Then I have this friend Shiko is her name. Shiko ameshikanisha different types of care jobs. She works as a caregiver for young disabled people who are admitted in hosi. She is there for the families and is privately employed and paid by them not the NHS. All she does is keep their loved one company as they may not be able to come to hosi everyday, they could be far away or working hard elsewhere. Kazi yake ni kuka hapo na laptop yake recording all that is being adminstered and chatting to her friends on whatsup. Then she has a 2nd job where she works as a weekend live in caregiver for families that need a break from looking after their loved ones. Anaingia shift anampatia dawa and food…anamlalisha…na analala but has to wake up to do what she ought to be doing. Then she is on call for another agency…the job here is to take the abled differently person to the movies or out just anywhere. You pick them up unawapeleka cinema then to McD/KFC…swings, arcades etc unamrudisha kwao.
There are just way too many jobs for caregivers out here.

Kuna ingine nili-discover juzi. Say you and your partner are in court over child custody and you have asked the serikali to ‘ingilia’ meaning you are fighting in court. There are drivers employed by the gava to pick the child from one parent and take him to another and vice versa. And that is what they do all day…the parents won’t meet and everyone is happy. Check them out here… http://www.careoline.uk.com/ . I only got to know about them because we have a child custody case.
So cha muhimu ni kujifikisha huku and this time with working permits granted kabla ufike…

Hope this gives you a rough idea of what a minefield this industry is.

Lmao.Dealing with an adults shit is hard man.