Home buyers to wait for 5 years before owning homes

The reasons why taxes were increased was because we were to fund 4 agendas ya jubilee. However painful we accepted tax increase. Tokens imepanda, bei ya kila kitu imeenda juu ndio watu wa low income like me we own houses.

I started planning with madam how we are going to raise the down payment for the low cost house. We have had series of debates and my budget was put on the floor of my rented house to seek approval from my mca (my children assembly) in presence of my madam as a speaker.

After 8 days of non stop debate, boom the bill was passed that out of the 10,000 shillings revenue I get in addition to some gifts i receive from Mwitoti village in form of unga, miwa,kuku, and mrere that :
"Abba family will be contributing 2k monthly for 1 year to the jubilee gaament so as to raise the down payment ya low income houses.

I was proud of my MCA’s that for once we will kiss poverty bye bye and we will be home owners as from next year August BUT…
I came across this;

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]“Kenyans contributing to the Housing Development Fund will [SIZE=5]wait for five years[/SIZE][SIZE=5] [/SIZE]before accessing their money to buy homes, newly-published regulations governing the fund say.”


So I don’t know what to tell my mcas and speaker.By the time 5 years will be over :

1 corruption will eat away our tax payer money
2 if Uliam will be the president, he will attack the funds in the name of church donations
3 UK won’t be president any longer meaning ULIAM will come with his different agenda ,meaning he will use that money to buy land to resettle his “personal non-existant IDPs”
4 uuuuuwi 5 years from now I would have retired , so how will I buy house yet I have no job?

I don’t know what to do honestly,any villager who shares the same predicament as me? Uuuwi sijui nifanye nini

Five years and I was told some projects have already started. This smells like another huge white elephant.

@Abba kumbe wewe unatoka Mwitoti?

Yes my home is mwitoti karibu na mumias sugar factory enye kidero alimaliza

That Kidero guy is one good thief. Back then I used to work with Moco and those were my areas.

sio wewe peke yako.

word. do your MCAs understand this crucial point of concern

Im to make them understand tonight the change in political tectonic plates. Stress tupu

Muteso hapo discussing na watoto you’ve let me down… Wewe fossil mzima fought in WW2 mtoto yako anajua nini hujaona tayari buana… Style up musee.

Unaniongezea stress buana.nisaidie na mawazo

he might just be impeached

You mean ni bila lube tena

Isiye kata koo- uuuuuwi kila saa ni ya nini bane?

Anyway, I will be attending an in-law’s (my first cousin’s s hubby) burial on Saturday at Musanda and then I will be in Mumias (most likely Ekero) for a steamy night with my long time clande. Are club Thrills and 70’s still operational? Walikuwa na kuku murwa sana nyakati zake, when we were lungula kings

Being fwarked right left and centre… And our president seems to have an insatiable appetite for loans.

@Abba call the assembly back into session and show them the new regulations. If they can debate and pass motions of such importance as saving for house ownership (did they offer to make any contributions to the amount to be saved in terms of foregoing bread and the like?),then they will be able to come up with a way to ensure that the 2K is utilized productively…


Wenye walisema as poor as a church mouse,me am poorer,

Five years hutapata kitu. I cant give the govt. money wakae nayo for five years.

Hiyo area ya Ekero nimnotice guest house ziko mob sana na vile huko ni kwa kijiji.

Hiyo area ndio wazee wa MUSCO hupeleka tu dem, mahali ma housewife wao hukulwa na vijana pia. Let’s just say ina promote local tourism coz there’s nothing to attract visitors in that area

Sisi kwisha!