Home Alone: Parents who went to Acapulco for Christmas and left their kids at home

@Finest wine reminds me of the guy who left his twins in a hot car for 8 hrs while he worked as a social worker instead of dropping them at daycare


You got jokes Jojina. Me live my lovely Karis and his handsome twin in a car (name withheld as it is my dad’s surname)…hehehehehe nikienda wapi? Get my gender right.

Also familiarise yourself with mambo ya day care centres/childcare in the UK. Not somewhere you wake up and drop a kid without a care in the world. There are psychos camped there too…you are the one that posts videos about these sick people.
Wangu na my hubby tunalea mos mos until our new live in minder moves in… in the new year. And I will be wfh half the week and hubby the rest so at least one of us will always be overseeing. And at the mo 98% of the civil servants are wfh.

Sick stories? They’re not stories. They actually happened and continue to. Thanks to my morbid obsession with crime, the best person you can leave your kids with is me. No leaving kids in the back seat and no letting go of their hands in the mall. The kids were 4 and 7. They had left them with cereal for breakfast and microwave food. They had also automated locking their doors. Wonder why they didn’t leave them with relatives especially grandparents.

I don’t leave ours with anyone. Hence why I have not worked for a while. And the plans in place for next year are tight. No nonsense from child care providers.

Lucky them. Many kids are abused by nannies and relatives. Kwanzaa sleep over is a no no. Alot of sexual abuse happens there.

Kwani watu wa supermarket fired your lazy ass?You need to get a job,hata kama ni ya kupanguza mapera.It will help you deal with your shitty swiny attitude.

nikama ilimwaga unga because of corona, hio mshahara yake kidogo alikua akiharibia pale capital centre in the name of flossing… sai ni kama beta male ndio imemfuga pale Birmingham, ghasia ya mwanamke

You can actually leave them if you must. But leave the car running.

BTW even teachers here are not the best of people. One needs to be v vigilant na ukondoe macho. Most teachers are white and they favour their kids but once they know you are no pushover they back off…
We call them glorified nannies.

It can get too hot. I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave kids unattended anywhere.

Atleast they don’t impregnate entire classes like the ones here.

:DNo they don’t and the few those that have been caught having affairs with underage girls are struck off the list, jailed and then put on the sex offenders register.
But one still needs to keep them on their toes as institutional racism begins pale yr1…in a v subtle way. Kids are taught in groups according to performance. Wee inabidi you keep up sana na homework. Though on homework, I think it should apply to all parents worldwide.
Wakienda high school our kids get detentions and exclusions for things the white ones don’t. But at this point one should be able to tell the teens to stay out of trouble as the system is not really there for you if you trip. The smart ones listen, keep their heads down, work hard, get good grades go to Uni or apprenticeships.

Anayhoo let me stop complaining sababu ni mimi niko kwa wenyewe…