Holy Thighs

Hehehehe …
Holy Ghost Fire …!!
Touching Bishop Wanjiru’s Thighs in public was so wrong …



Those Thighs can only be touched with consent in private or during Holy “Anointing” sessions…
I hope this is clear to all of you …:rofl::joy::fire::fire:


Yaonekana amekawia kwa mda mrefu sana bila sekede. Yaani aliguzwa mapaja kwa sekunde chache tu ila utamu ulikawia hadi hospitalini. Kamwone angali cloud nine.


I can’t do her highness the bishop even under influence of the holy spirit

But siwezi mind kureceive a holy beejay

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Police should have used a baton on this fat shit.

At her age especially , a Woman needs regular “Service” and attention … :joy:

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Huyu is a no go, alimalizia kamangu, the first husband. She’s bad to the bone.

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During her address, she issued jambass and riggy g a “sweet promise”. Wrong choice of words.

Hizo thighs ziko black hata hawezi lamba

Just think of all that Heat between them Thighs … :rofl: :joy: :fire: :fire:

hio ni uongo juu hakuna mtu anaweza shika thighs zake wrinkled… ni kama kushika za kapanty

Good girls are no fun

She’s just clowning around.