Hollywood Movies Are Overrated

During this quarantine period, I have been looking for a few movies to watch and I’ve noticed most Hollywood movies are overrated and very predictable.

Kwanza Jumanji II na Bad Boys 4 unapata wanajaribu ku-force bland jokes sana. I also don’t understand why Hollywood nowadays cast celebs like Dj Khaled who are bad actors to make a cameo appearance.

Meanwhile, a movie like Sarafina has bad reviews abroad. Hao wazungu hawakupenda hiyo movie juu ilawachomea picha.

Lakini movie ya gays inapata high reviews mpaka unaskia imeshinda Oscars. It’s like Hollywood is trying force an agenda

On other hand, Koreans are making very good and unpredictable movies like I saw The Devil, Old Boys, Train To Busan and Memories of Murder.

Even Spanish tv shows like La Casa De Papel and Locked Up are very interesting. Germans got Dark and Babylon Berlin. Ata British wakona content kali kali.

Honestly, it’s very hard to find Hollywood movies that are scripted better than Korean, German and Spanish movies or tv shows. Very few have reached that level.

Ile tu inasaidia Hollywood movies ni English na special effects. Storyline zao mingi ata mtoto wa primary anaeza andika.

Mi huuza movies but siku hizi sina time ya kuwatch hizo tucker tucker, juu ya hiyo predictability. Ata series nawatch episode ya kwanza naachana nayo. The only movie nimewatch last month yote ni The Gentlemen na ni juu ni ya musito Guy Ritchie. Kuna format flani hizo movies zake hufuata that makes them enjoyable to watch.

Documentaries are the way to go. Too much hype for most of these movies/series and the plots have become stale!

Hehehehe bado nacheka story ya Tanzania woyee. Maendeleo woyee. Genius.

Ile siku walianza kutengeneza hizi super hero za ujinga na mkalipa kuona ndio nilijua the art form is dead.

I tried watching the last Transformer film, 2 seconds nikajiondoa. There is someone who seats in a theatre for a whole 2 and a half to watch that crap. Expectations are really low nowadays.

Try foreign language films. Parasite for example

I am also done with Hollywood movies. They are total crap nowadays. Even the actors are totally boring. I long for the days when we had actors who made movies to appear realistic especially in action movies. I would rather watch a Bongo movie or a National Geographic documentary rather than those pieces of shit.

Ama hata za KUMAWOOD…

Kumawood ni za Kumasi Ghana?

Wapi link ya hekaya?

Parasite ilikua movie kali

Hollywood mi hukalianga when am extremely bored, with completely nothing to do. Also, I cant delete a movie from the laptop before I watch it. Though I admit there are some few bangers kama PoC. Anyway I’ll start reading books.

Or maybe… you are all old now. The things you liked in your youth are no longer fun. Many here have said they no longer watch wrestling… ina bore. Or even music for that matter.

Ni uzee. Hio phase sasa mkae mkijua imepita. Your parents were also there. Today they only watch the news. And family Tv or inooro.

Lol, people just naming the most famous foreign movies they can think of and acting like connoisseurs.
Wow bro, you watched an Oscar winning movie that grossed $260M, you must be a real expert. Damn, you watched ALL 4 of these world famous Korean films, impressive!! You must really know the Korean movie scene in depth right? Or how about Germany’s and Spain’s? I mean, it’s very impressive that you’ve watched two of Netflix’s hugest shows!!! Those 2 shows are probably better than the hundreds of quality shows that have come out of US this decade alone imirite?

Niggas really comparing the biggest movies to come out of Korea with whatever they saw on fmovies first page and using that as proof that Hollywood is overrated…

Get back to me when you’ve watched at least a thousand “foreign language” movies, otherwise you’re just chatting shit.


Umezeeka kaka. Just watch old movies from 2005 kurudi nyuma hadi 1960s

Now, this is true. The older you get after watching so many movies you need to start producing your own or move on to wazee’s documentaries.
My movie library is only replenished with my old favs which I watch back with my kids to show them what our world looked like. Their hits are my misses. I don’t enjoy new blockbusters like I used to.

Like in this case here, you should have stopped at Bad Boys. The sequels never match up to the original. They are just recycled scenes.

But MEN IN BLACK zote zilikua fire mdau

mimi nayo nakubali HUSTLE ya UK. iyo series was unpredictable. lakini it goes way back vile generation ya sai imekuwa raised. a comp,ex plot will mean vichwa maji hawataelewa. you sell what is on demand

Not for me. I probably just have a natural low opinion of sequels.