wanakijiji,natafuta a good place thats not very costly.10k per day max for a family of three(Father,mother and a three year old) ya kupeleka family during the Dec holidays at the coast.Any suggestions are welcomed

Fort Jesus

you should have added vasco da gama pillar for good measure:D:D:D:D:D


Try South Coast. The beaches are cleaner & unlike Mombasa hakuna mabeach hawkers kibao plus Nairobi mzima haitakua imejaza huko at that time.

Shukeni Malindi airport kisha muelekee Watamu

south coast or watamu lakini december ni peak so lazima utoboke
mimi nimeweka budget ya 150,000 for five days huko south coast


Kuna Watamu huko!

eish baba! hio ni yako na family ama yangu at most ni 80k

Anza kutafuta via airbnb, and you can book as early as now ndio upate discounts, with your budget utapata definitely. Lakini since ni short term rentals, itabidi u employ chef which unaweza pata na 1k per day. Make sure ume check user reviews before ulipe tho

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Check hio na many others like it

10k p.p. or all of you na full board in December? That would be a boarding and lodging where the hot water is provided on request after which the firewood is fetched.

haha! boss 10k per day.I prefer self catering establishments


thats just for me and the wife
i havent spoiled her this whole year

Deal with professional holiday planners. Bonfire Ventures will sort you out at a very discounted rate.

Btw watamu is a nice place


Njo nikakulipie a 1month holiday…ndo ujue we ni peasant na izo jemison zako