Holiday Eating Survial Guide! How You Planning To Survive?

For all you fitness buffs, enthusiasts, weight watchers how you planning to survive the food & drinks tsunami that follows in seasons like this? The problem is compounded when you are food lover like yours truly.

Those chapatis, cakes, sausages, pilau, calories galore can derail your goals and its a whole 4 days of staying at home which increases the chances of over eating…
I know you can just Man up and say NO! but is there a better way? here is my plan

  1. This week I have been on a low carb diet, eating carbs from just veggies and honey in tea. The idea is to deplete glycogen stores so that even if I indulge it will be used to replenish depleted bodys glycogen stores.

  2. Train all through morning cardio + Heavy weight lifting… here is when it gets dicey with the ‘Mrs’, lazima uende gym hata holodays surely? Lazima!

  3. Eats lots of veggies at meal times to fill up…

  4. One carb source per meal ie no chapatis & rice in one plate

  5. Utilize my whey supplement find is always keeps my appetite low…

NB: if you can’t relate to all this Isorait, isok!

no. 5 always works… But it is only 4 days. I probably won’t eat that much. My goal will be to keep hydrated.

True Whey Protein sup works best, a smoothie for breakfast (blend whey chocolate, tablespoon peanut butter, one banana, cup low fat milk) am sorted the whole day

From today onwards I am on a see-food diet; I see food I eat halafu carlsberg baridi jioni

Apana tambua diet.

I guess so its coz you’re young (assuming from your posts 20-25). Once you Hit 30+ diet you have to watch

nipatieni hiyo chakula hamtaki. do you know that somewhere in Africa, a person is starving…and that person is me

Im going to live forever!

Na nikikula huyo mtu atasaidika aje?

mi nakula but sinenepi

Shida yako ni dry spell si ukosefu ya chakula


Itabidi amepika tu

yani…haina mambo najua uwesmake hayuko karibu ndio maana una kisirani hivi

Bangaiza utaoa lini ?